Late Summer in Minneapolis and South Dakota

It’s time to admit it: summer is over. Next week, fall semester begins. We just came back from our last little getaway of the season, so for now, here’s a little taste of the end of summer.

CW and I headed up to Lake Madison, South Dakota (by way of Minneapolis and Sioux Falls) to spend some time with two of his best friends and their families. It was a lovely, fun, relaxing time. For various travel reasons, we wound up spending an afternoon in Minneapolis on the way, which was a nice treat for me — did you know I lived there for a few months in college? It was part of the National Student Exchange Program, where college students spend a semester or a year at another school within the U.S. It’s been about 15 years since my semester at the U of M, but it was lovely to be back and seeing some familiar sights if only for a couple of hours. I’d love to go back when we can stay longer.

Downtown Walk.Downtown Minneapolis Latergram

Sioux Falls was our next stop along the way, and they have an absolutely adorable downtown with lots of interesting sculptures, flowers, shops, and restaurants.

Silver Man Sculpture.Me & the Polar Bears
Butterfly.Pegasus Sculpture

But the lake was our ultimate destination, and we spent the time there cooking and eating good food, enjoying the view and the perfect weather, speeding around the lake by boat, and generally having a great time.

Sunny Day

CW’s friends are great and it was so fun to get to know them. One friend has four kids ages 1-7 and I don’t know how they managed it but these are the sweetest, most charming kids I’ve ever met. Completely adorable. (You’ll have to trust me on this, because I’m not posting any photos with people in them from this trip.) The two oldest girls were really into telling jokes, and it was only thanks to my iPhone and the internet’s endless supply of clean kids’ jokes that I managed to keep up with them.

Lake View.As y'all can see, I'm having a really tough time here in South Dakota. Life is hard, but we are coping.
Blue skies today!.One last lake picture, sunrise-ish

And as you can see, the views were pretty top notch as well. It was a lovely way to wrap up the summer. And now, back to work.

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