The Week in Workouts, Vol. 3

This was a decent week in spite of the fact that my schedule seemed to be plotting against me. I had to miss some of my now normal workouts and took more rest days than I’ve been doing. Nonetheless, I was able to get my runs in, plus a few other workouts, so I feel good about the week as a whole.

I’m still trying to lose a small number of vanity pounds in the next month, but it’s been difficult. In spite of ALLEGEDLY being at a rather large calorie deficit for the past few weeks, my weight has been pretty stable. I’m not counting calories on Saturdays, but there’s no way I’m eating enough on those days to counteract the rest of the week. You know, whether I lose five pounds or not, my dress is still going to fit. So, enh? Nonetheless, it is frustrating.

Monday: Rest. My crazy busyness this week forced me to spend the time I normally work out on Mondays doing work-work. I wonder how many calories I burn in an hour of grading papers?

Tuesday: Boot camp class + 3 mile run. Boot camp was good today, but not as intense as it’s been in the past. We used a step for some plyometric stuff and a barbell for some weights, mostly upper body. Squat + press, upright row, dead lift + row, chest press. I ran three miles on the treadmill afterward, increasing the pace on each mile.

Wednesday: Rest. Instead of my normal Wednesday Kettlebells, life found me at a bar with my fiancĂ©, booking our room for the rehearsal dinner. Didn’t find (or want to find) another way to squeeze in a workout on this day. Oh well!

Thursday: Four mile tempo run. I stayed in the neighborhood and took a route with a few dog legs and some gentle inclines. I pleased myself greatly by keeping the pace well below 10:00 the entire time (sometimes much closer to 9:00, at least on the declines). Felt good! I am pleased I can keep this pace for four miles. Looking to add some more speed to my life.

Friday: 30-Day Shred, Bike Trainer Ride. I felt a little frustrated at not being able to hit either of my normal weights classes this week — I wanted to go to one today, but a meeting ran longer than predicted, so I found myself at home knowing I’d have to miss kettlebells again. I decided to bust out the Jillian DVD and do level 3. Good to know I still have the fitness to make it through that! Then I just jumped on the bike trainer for 30 minutes while watching some Hulu. Nothing special, but at least I did something.

Saturday: Rest, mostly. I still got about 10,000 steps in walking around campus and downtown for some tailgating fun.

Sunday: 8-mile run. The weather jumped back up into the 80s the past couple of days and the sun was baking down this morning when I hit the streets, so I just gritted my teeth and took it relatively slowly. A good playlist and plenty of water, and I made it just fine. This will probably be my last long-ish run before the 10-mile race two weeks from now. I’ve got friends coming into town next weekend and some champagne and bourbon to drink with them, so I’ll be taking next Sunday off.

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