The Week in Workouts, Vol. 4

Well, friends, not only am I tardy in posting this, but there isn’t much to say about exercise this last week. It was not a week of workouts.  I only exercised two days due to other Life Things I had going on. It was a busy, fun, lovely week, but just not a very physically active one. Here’s what went down:

Monday: During the time when I’d normally be working out, CW and I were at the hotel where we’ll be holding our wedding reception shoving tons of calories into our maws. We had to (“had to”) taste all of the entrees and appetizers and lo, we enjoyed ourselves mightily.

Tuesday: Boot Camp + 3-mile run. This was a good day for working out — the morning workouts tend to be the inalienable ones that I don’t find a reason to cancel (as opposed to the afternoon workouts that get bumped in favor of grading, wedding-related errands, and so on). Boot camp was a tabata-style class with a substitute instructor. She had us using the bosu ball and jump rope a lot. I enjoyed it. I ran three miles on the treadmill afterward, getting in some fast-paced intervals during the middle mile.

Wednesday: Today’s workout go scrapped so I could attend a teaching workshop on campus. Womp wommmp.

Thursday: 5.5 mile run. I was not feeling it when I set out the door — I had tired legs and was moving slowly. By about mile three, though, I had snapped back to life and really could have gone on a bit farther. Life and work beckoned, though, and I had to get moving to school.

Friday: I scurried home from school as fast as possible (via car) to meet my two BFFs who were coming into town for my bachelorette weekend. We stayed up late eating and drinking all the things.


Saturday: There was no official workout, but the girls and I got up early in the morning and fueled up on some mimosas in anticipation of a busy day. We got tons of steps in walking around campus and downtown so I could show them the homecoming festivities. I’m sure I ate and drank back more than my fair share of calories that night, but hey: a lady only gets one bachelorette party, so I abandoned care.

Sunday: Rest. Total rest.

Well, that was my week. This week is sure to be more active with my ten-mile race coming up Saturday morning. Let’s do this.

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