Project 365, Coffee

[1/365] Chemex

I’ve done Project 365 a few times now, but I took last year off for reasons I can no longer remember. I think I was just weary of taking a photo every day when so many of my daily photos had started coming from Instagram. Not that there’s anything wrong with Instagram photos, of course (I love them), but, for me, I always wanted the daily photo project to be about learning and honing my skills on the DSLR, which I had gotten too lazy to do. So I needed a break.

Now it’s a new year and, I think, a great time to start back at the daily photography. This year should be interesting for me: for the first time, I’ll be documenting a life lived with someone else. My decade+ of single living is well and truly over, and I’ve got not only a cat and a dog but also a man in the house with me. The only problem: my husband doesn’t like to have his picture taken, so he’s likely to be absent, or mostly absent, from the photographs.

I will sometimes be sharing the daily photo here on the blog, with a post based on it. They surely won’t always manage to appear on the day the photo was taken, though, so don’t expect them on time! My self-imposed rule for Project365 is that I take the photo on the specified day (after midnight is fine if I’m still awake), but I can edit and post it at my convenience. Not all photos will make it here to the blog, though. If it doesn’t seem to warrant or inspire some writing, it’ll simply live in the flickr set.

My first photo of the year is a pot of coffee my husband made in his new Chemex pot on New Year’s morning. The pot was a Christmas gift from me, and I think he likes it. These pots are great for making a really smooth, flavorful cup. They are also beautifully simple, which I thought CW would appreciate. He is generally against having too many bells and whistles on his appliances, and does not want or need “robots” making his coffee. So the Chemex is kinda perfect for him. Of course, this is also a gift I get to enjoy any time I get to drink a cup of coffee myself. Lovely how that works out, isn’t it?

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