Back to the Books

Classes started back yesterday, but as far as I’m concerned the semester has been going since Monday. I have been in the office every day working on course prep and creating documents and activities and such. It’s nice to be back to some routine, getting dressed for work every day and going to campus and doing productive things. Not that I would’ve complained about an extra week or so of break, though, you know?

[6/365] Back to the Books
[6/365] Back to the Books

At any rate, now that I’m back on my work schedule, I’m left thinking about how I’m going to fit in all the extra-curricular things I want to do. I mentioned in my New Year’s post that I wanted to get more reading and writing done this year, plus of course the return to Project365 and more photography. I have no doubt that doing these things not only makes me happier but also exercises my mind and my creativity. But it’s hard to deny the lure of the TV and couch after dinner. Especially when the couch also involves a husband and a couple of snugly pets and a blanket and a fireplace. That’s a tough temptation to resist, especially as we’ve been marathoning the last few seasons of Dexter lately and dang, man, I have to know what happens next!

In spite of said marathoning, we don’t watch all that much TV. In fact, I’ve been pretty successful at finding the opportunity to squeeze in some reading time before bed (Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch is currently absorbing my attention — it’s wonderful so far). I’ve been blogging more than I had been last fall, too. I’ll never be a daily blogger, but I would live for it to be a more regular habit. 2-4 posts per week would be nice, I think, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to make that happen.

[9/365] Journals
[9/365] Journals

I’ve been trying to keep a journal, too (I started one in November) but haven’t found a lot of time or opportunity to write there in the last month or so. Perhaps these super cute notebooks (a gift from Claire!) will inspire me to do it more often? I do love a cute notebook.

The reality seems to be that if I want to have time for these kinds of bookish or creative pursuits, something else has to go. Television is already on the chopping block: I already watch so much less than I did when I lived alone. [You’d think I would therefore be less likely to write a whole long paragraph about television, but it looks like I’m right in the middle of doing just that. Sorry.] These days, when CW and I have a show we watch together, we will spend a lot more time watching it (like Dexter currently, or Game of Thrones last fall), but I am spending a lot less time following shows on my own. I’m managing to keep up with Nashville (which I love so much I have to watch it as soon as a new episode shows up in my hulu queue); I’m several episodes behind on The Vampire Diaries (which, I must say, is getting a little confusing this year with all the Doppelgänger);  CW and I watch Parks and Recreation together (and I continue to love it). And that’s about it for television. My point is: I think I’m much happier with the lower volume of TV and the increased time for reading — and anyway, I did not intend for this post to turn into an itemized list of all the TV shows I’m either watching or not watching. I’m sure you don’t care!

Unless you do —  in which case, can we discuss how delightfully soapy Nashville has been this season? It’s terrible and wonderful. More importantly, my love for Connie Britton and her fabulous hair will go on forever.

Back on the topic of books: anyone else read(ing) The Goldfinch? I just love it so much so far. I’m about 300 pages in at the moment. When I finish, I’ll try to do a post here. Next on my list: Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum (CW and I are planning to read it together) and Insurgent (I read Divergent over the holidays and thought it was pretty good). Any recommendations for me?



  1. I’ve been reading The Goldfinch since November (is that right?!) and the second half is dragging so much. Of course, part of the reason I’m reading so slow is because of a mild addiction to Candy Crush, but still. Pick up the pace, Tartt!


    1. I am really just realizing how long the book is! I’m still pretty into it, though, at about 500 pages in. I almost don’t want it to end.


  2. I want to live in Nashville, like as a roadie or stagehand or just the person that hands Rayne James water after she’s on stage. The soapiness of it has been SUPERB this season, but I miss Liam, who I’m afraid won’t be back since that actor has an upcoming important role on Game of Thrones.
    ALSO, since Beth moved to Nashville, the suburb she moved to supposedly also houses celebrities and COUNTRY MUSIC STARS, I am going to make her take me places when I visit where I could possibly run into them filming the show, and then I will fan-fawn all over Connie Britton and her hair, and it will be magnificent. So.
    I am glad you like the notebooks. I love them too. Yay!


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