Breakfast of Somewhat-Less-than-Champions

This morning at the Au Bon Pain, I had the choice between flavored coffee (hazelnut) and decaf. I was caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of coffee: nasty, or ineffective. I chose nasty.

I was on my way to my office from the gym following my 7:00 bootcamp class and a treadmill run. I also needed food. Last semester, I got in the habit of buying a doughnut for breakfast on days like this, but, well, we see where that got me: Tight January Pants. In the interest of better-fitting pants in February, I had to make a non-doughnut-based breakfast decision. The only thing that fit my nutritional plans was a little plastic tub with two hard-boiled eggs in it.

Y’all. I have only been eating eggs again for a while, and while I do like them a lot of the time (fried, over kale, doused in Tapatio; the mushroom and mustard greens omelet pictured below), I do not like to just snack upon hard-boiled eggs. I could not even find any salt or pepper or anything to go on them. Just plain-ass, sad, plasticky-looking, yolks-all-dry-as-hell hard-boiled eggs. I ate them. I hated every minute of it.

[11/365] Breakfast

[11/365] Breakfast. On a happier day than today.

I am supposed to be working on my lesson plan for tomorrow, but I had to stop and tell you about this terrible breakfast. I knew you’d want to know.

In better news, I find I am not craving sugar anymore and am not missing the junky snacks and fried foods as much as I feared. All I really want (all I really wanted last night, as I was cooking dinner, that is — which is not to say it’s all I really want now, at 9:30 in the morning, sitting at my desk) is a really cold glass of white wine. Like a nice Sauvignon blanc, let’s say. So cold it makes the glass gather a little condensation. Doesn’t that sound nice? I’ll have one in 18 days.


  1. Oh, I feel ya. 5 days a week I need a portable breakfast and only sometimes can I get excited about hard boiled eggs, but I ABSOLUTELY need salt and pepper. I have found a few frittatas that taste really delicious cold — though it requires you are a person who can eat cold foods that are usually hot (and I am not super discerning in this area so it was no big deal for me.) If you are that kind of person, I highly recommend a frittata with sauteed mushrooms, peppers, onions, kale and olives. (I also love it with chorizo, so hey maybe soy-rizo if you eat that?) Anyway, I just make a an 8×8 pan of it on a Sunday night and then eat it 4 days per week and it keeps well and tastes good through Thursday.

    Anyway, the suggestion makes a lot of assumptions, but I just thought it might be some food for though so you never have to eat cold, plain hard boiled eggs again (shudder)


    1. THANK YOU! This is a really good suggestion. With a little planning ahead, I could have a pretty decent breakfast to take with me on gym mornings. I am thinking a cold frittata would have to be miles ahead of a cold, plain HBE. (Seriously, if I’d JUST had some salt and pepper, or hot sauce, or SOMETHING. Ugh.) I will look into doing something like this for Thursday.


  2. I admire your dedication. I DEFINITELY would have gone for a donut over cold, rubbery hard-boiled eggs. Good for you!


  3. I confess I saw your tweet last night about craving a cold glass of white wine. And I walked to my fridge and poured myself one.

    That’s such a lie. I didn’t even get up, I asked Chris to get it for me.

    Sorry, dude.


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