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You know it’s been a long time since you’ve posted to your blog when the web browser won’t even autocomplete your URL anymore, you know what I’m saying?

[105/365] Drips

I feel like I have a lot to catch up on around here and, lo and behold! I have an unexpected day off work, so why not? We had a sort of vague and, according to police, “unsubstantiated” threat on campus today, and due to student and parent anxiety, the powers that be decided to cancel classes and stop normal operations. I got this message from the alert system just about two minutes after I had sat down at my desk and logged into my computer at seven this morning. I can’t complain that the school canceled classes — better safe than sorry, IMHO –, but I do wish I’d heard the news before leaving the house.

One sort of anxiety-producing element of the morning was that I was at school at a little after seven, when the news came out that campus would be closing, and my husband was still at home, without his phone. He doesn’t leave for the day until about 7:30, and had left his phone in the office overnight, so there was no way I could contact him to tell him not to come in. In terms of timing, I’d be lucky to get back home in time to catch him before he left for the day. I was quite happy when I arrived back at home and saw his car still in the garage.

At any rate, everyone is safe at home and the police don’t believe there’s a real threat on campus ANYWAY, so life goes on.

Speaking of life, it has been mostly really good lately. With the exception of a strangely cold day yesterday and a few major rain/flood days, spring has been quite pleasant. I usually complain a lot when spring starts to show up because it means that the unbearably hot days of summer aren’t far behind, but this year I am ready for it. I’m done with feeling cold. I’ve really been enjoying the flowering azaleas and dogwoods in my neighborhood and on campus.

Chillin' on the Patio
[99/365] Azaleas
[97/365] Sunset on the Patio

The not-too-humid, sunny and warm days have been downright lovely. Fantastic running weather, bright colors, an excuse to buy some fun $5 sunglasses, afternoons spent reading on the patio, enjoying the yard with the dog-on-wheels. Not too shabby over all, spring. I think I’d like to keep you.

There have been some ups and downs, though: I had a wonderful first race of the year with a rainy and faster-than-expected 5K with some friends (report to come!) and a great first outdoor bike ride of the year with my husband (report to come as well!). I felt strong and healthy and capable during both of the events — and both were faster and easier than I’d thought they could be for my current level of fitness. Great, right?

I’m in that place where I want to be outside every day, running or biking or hiking or just walking in my neighborhood and soaking up some sun and happiness, but…injury still keeps trying to plague me! I had some strange pains in my foot last week that came on so suddenly and hurt so badly (and stopped me from bearing weight on the foot for a few minutes) that I was sure it must be a stress fracture. I didn’t run again for seven days, and the pain didn’t return during that time or when I ran again seven days later, so…I don’t know. THEN, I had (keep having) some turf-toe-type pain in the joint of the big toe on that same foot. Is it related? Am I wearing the wrong shoes? What’s even UP?

More importantly, why would this be happening to me NOW, just after I completed a round of PT for my hip? Which is to say, after I have barely even been running any kind of volume? WHY? HOW? WHY?

So, I don’t know what to do about that. Stay off the foot? Stay off it only if it hurts? Try new shoes? Switch to biking for a month? I don’t knoooooowwwww.

And on a somewhat related note, I feel like I have been struggling with my eating and my weight for the past few months. I feel like I’m eating well and eating appropriate portions/calories, but I’ve been finding it all too easy to put on an extra pound here or there. I haven’t weighed myself since the end of January (when I was avoiding all sugar and alcohol and most bread products) and at that time I was a comfortable weight for me — I was in “The Range.” (I have a ~10 lb range where I feel good and clothes fit; any lighter and I look too bony; any heavier and my pants cease to be comfortable.) Two and a half months later and I feel certain I’ve gained ~5 pounds or more, putting me well out of The Range. Some of my pants are really starting to complain.

I’m making an effort. I really am. But with injuries/PT and with certain not-so-great eating patterns, I’m struggling to make a dent. Maybe I’ll post more about this soon. I feel like I need to think through some of the patterns I’d like to break — see why I’m stuck in them and what I can do better. Is anyone else in the same boat right now?

And one final, very important update: If you follow me on Instagram (@ravelingout), you know that my cat and dog are both major sunbeam nappers. They will follow the sun spots around the house all day, moving from window to window to find the best warm spot for their napping needs.

If you are looking for Egon, check in the sunbeam first.

[103/365] Egon is not the only sunbeam lover in this house.

Well, the whole family is home today due to campus being closed, so I’ve had ample opportunity to spy on their sunbeam napping ways — and guess what? Currently napping in the sunbeams in our front room you will find one dachshund… and one husband. It’s basically the cutest thing that has ever happened in this house, but if I showed you a picture I’d never hear the end of it.


  1. Several times now I’ve gotten incredibly frustrated because I thought I was eating pretty well, but I was either gaining weight or maintaining. In fact, after training ridiculous amounts for nearly 3 months, I lost exactly zero pounds, even though I had pounds to lose (and it was definitely excess, not “you’re probably just gaining muscle”).

    Every time this has happened, I’ve consulted with my dietitian friend, and she’s analyzed what I’m eating and found something I’m doing wrong. This time she discovered that I was eating way too many carbs. Yeah, I’m training for something stupidly long and hard, but evidently there’s still such thing as Too Many Carbs.

    Anyway, she gave me suggestions on how to fix it, and 3 days later I’m already seeing more result than I did for the last 3 months.

    So just a suggestion to maybe have another set of eyes check out what you’re doing, and make sure it’s as healthy and balanced as you think it is.


    1. Amy, I’m betting my own problem has to do with Too Many Carbs, too. I never really eat a strict low-carb diet, but when I do leave out most grains/breads (and just have carbs from fruit/veg), I notice the water-logged bloat factor just disappear in a few days. I don’t really want to eat that way all the time, though, because I do love some grain products. Maybe there is a smarter way to go about it? I also am kind of wary of trying to find someone to ask about it — I have some fear of being told to eat pale, or start eating meat, or something. I don’t know. Anyway, maybe I should ask around… (Also yeah — hard to believe there’s such thing as Too Many Carbs when you’re training for Ultraman!!)


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