The Week in Workouts

I recently have been feeling the urge to step it up hen it comes to my workouts, and in particular to improve my running. I still have to hold back a little bit with the recent hip injury (and indeterminate foot weirdness?), but even though I’m not adding a ton of mileage right now, I’d like to work on some speed and consistency. Hence: the return of The Week in Workouts.

Seen on my run.

Here we go:

Monday: Ran one mile on the treadmill to test my Newtons and then finished my workout with another 2.15 miles in my old Brooks. The second phase of the workout involved a few one-minute speed intervals, working my way up to about 7:50 pace, which I haven’t seen in a while.

Tuesday: Walked about three miles through my neighborhood just to get some steps in, then later did some PT exercises in front of the TV. PT and TV go well together.

Wednesday: Ran one mile on the treadmill in the Newtons again, then took myself outside for another two miles in my Brooks. It was a beautiful day out, but at 4:30 PM, it felt ridiculously hot. I suppose I should get used to it: hot weather is upon us. After my run I also hit my last body pump class of the semester. I really hope there’s a class offered during summer that will fit my schedule — I love body pump and would love to go maybe 2-3 times a week if I can.

Thursday: Walked two miles through my neighborhood to get in some steps, but, disappointingly, I felt some more big toe joint pain afterwards. I iced it and it disappeared and hasn’t returned yet, so, maybe it’s not a big deal.

Friday: Rest. Too busy teaching my last day of classes, going to meetings, and happy houring. PT should have taken place, but did not. Can’t win ’em all!

I guess it's officially hot weather. Time for my shorts and some wacky sunglasses.

Saturday: Hot weather is here, people. I could not deny it any more and finally had to bust out the shorts and sunglasses. At this point, I have officially decided to keep the Newtons, so I took them on their inaugural outdoor run in my neighborhood — still only one mile, though. Next week, I’ll work up to two miles in them. After the Newton mile, I added another 2.8 miles in my Brooks. I had a little dull discomfort in my right mid foot again on this run, but nothing I’d call pain, per se. The notion of a possible stress fracture/stress reaction occasionally flits through my brain, but I think I may be paranoid. Nonetheless, I won’t increase my mileage or intensity until the odd feelings are well and truly gone. As much as I’d like to right now — I feel like all I want to do is run!

Sunday: Bike workout? Nope. No bike workout. That was my intention, but instead I spent some time potting a few flowers and cleaning up the patio. Not exactly a workout, but there you have it.

Weekly Totals:

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 8.26.36 AM

Goals: This coming week, I’d like to do another good speed workout plus two other runs, get in at least one bike ride, and two weights/PT sessions.

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