The Week in Workouts [4.28-5.04]

This week I managed to get all my runs in (that’s easy when all I feel like doing is running!), but I didn’t get any bike rides and only one strength workout. It’s fine: it was finals week and we hosted a party and I was glad just to get everything done that really needed to be done in the other areas of my life.

I decided to add my FitBit step count to each day’s entry this time. My daily goal is 10,000, which I usually only reach on the days when I run, when I usually exceed it. I’d like to at least average out to 10,000 a day (or 70,000 a week), but I’m not quite there yet. When I am back able to run more mileage, I bet that will happen.



Monday: 3.2-mile run. I’m still transitioning into my Newtons, running two miles at a time in them and doing the rest of my workout in my old Brooks. This week I switched to starting in the Brooks and then going to the Newtons for the end of the run. I wanted to see if the discomfort I’d felt a couple of times late in the run was related to shoes or fatigue. My feet felt just fine using the Newtons for the last two miles of the run. Good sign! [Steps: 10,692]

Tuesday: PT and Arms while watching TV. Clam shells w/band, bridges w/band, scissors w/band, single-leg bridge, chest press, chest fly, side plank, squats, hammer curls, bicep rotations, upright row, rotator combo, airplanes, foam roller. [Steps: 4,787]

Wednesday: 3.25-mile run. It was muggy, humid, and yucky outside on Wednesday and I did not feel like trying to pick up the pace AT ALL, so I did not. As always, no matter how bad the weather, it’s always good to be able to be out there. [Steps: 10,472]

Thursday: Short walk to get in some extra steps — would have liked to walk more, but I had to get dinner started. Probably about 1.25 miles. [Steps: 7,998 — couldn’t I have walked 2 more steps before bed? If I’d checked the fitbit, I surely would have done!]

Friday: Rest. I still came very close to meeting my step goal on Friday, thanks to lots of pre-party shopping and prep. [Steps: 9,406]

Saturday: 4.1-mile run. This run made me feel great because it’s one of the longest runs I’ve done since my most recent round of PT. Last time I attempted four miles was the time my foot freaked out and sent me home early with an embarrassing limp. Now I’m feeling back in the game — partially thanks to the new shoes. [Steps: 12,551]

Sunday: Rest. Hanging out at the pool and soaking up some vitamin D (though mostly through a layer of SPF 100, so, not much). [Steps: 2,313]

Weekly Total: 58,219 Steps

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 11.53.29 AM


Goals: This coming week, I’d like to try again for at least two strength/PT workouts and get a bike ride in there. The students will be clearing out of town, for the most part, making the roads feel at least superficially safer for road cycling. I’ll run three times, because that is the one thing I can always count on doing.

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