The Week in Workouts [5.12 – 5.18]

This was another good week for workouts — I managed to get another long solo bike ride done as well as a fourth run (which I am thinking of in my head as my “bonus run”). Classes started back on Friday, which meant I got one day of on-campus-type walking as well. That sort of thing certainly doesn’t feel like exercise, but it has an undeniably positive effect on my step count and general activity level. When I don’t leave the house for work, I will literally sit on the couch all day, exercise excluded. Getting some non-exercise activity is always a good thing. This week, my total step count was about 10K higher than last week. Success.

Goofing around in the woods

Monday:  Approximately 3-mile hike in the forest preserve with my husband. We kept the pace up and had plenty of fun goofing around. CW got the idea to add in a few little bursts of running here and there, as well as balance training (walking on logs) and strength (push-ups on stumps). It was fun. [Steps: 11,774]

Tuesday: 4-mile slow run through the neighborhood. After running on Saturday, walk-running on Sunday, and hiking on Monday, my legs were tired! I kept the pace easy and just got it done. I’d ideally like to bring my shorter runs up to 4-5 miles and my longer runs up to 6-8, so this was a step in that direction.  [Steps: 10,240]

[134/365] Crossing this wooden bridge was one of my favorite parts of today's ride.

Wednesday: 20-mile bike ride. I was more tired at first than I had been last week and my overall speed for the ride reflects that. After my legs got warmed up, though, I started feeling faster. The only problem with this ride was that I started feeling some real fatigue and soreness in my bad hip, so I tried to baby it with stretching and foam rolling afterward. [Steps: 5,029]

Thursday: 3-mile progressive run through the neighborhood. I felt slow at the beginning, but as I started to warm up I felt better and better, so I decided on the spot to make it a progressive run and increase my pace in each mile, going 10+, 9+, and then just sub-9 for the last mile. That was fun to see! [Steps: 9,103]

Friday: PT. Clam shells (RB), Bridge (RB), Single-leg bridge, Supermans, Bird dogs, Squats, Lunges, Scissors (RB), Single-leg balances with eyes closed, Airplanes, Foam roller. I forced myself to do this by telling myself I couldn’t have my post-work glass of wine until it was done.  The wine needed to chill, anyway. [Steps: 6,305]

Saturday: 5-mile run around town. Not a great feeling run — I had various aches and pains and things throughout — a tired hip, a sore ankle, and a mega side stitch. Got it done nonetheless, at a glacial pace.  [Steps: 12,630]

Sunday: 3-mile run-walk (“bonus run!”) through the neighborhood. I went on my 3-mile route and just ran the back half of each mile for 1.5 miles running and 1.5 walking. I had intended to do PT immediately after and…it looks like I forgot? What the hell is wrong with me?! [Steps: 11,388]

Totals:  Steps: 66,469

Screen shot 2014-05-19 at 9.56

Goals: This week I have some conflicting goals. I woke up this morning with the front of my hip feeling very tender to the touch and a little bruised. This is not the same deep ache and throb that I typically feel with a hip flexor injury, but it certainly seems related. I don’t have any motor problems — it feels fine to walk and yesterday’s run was totally gentle and painless. More like, it just hurts when I press on the area. So weird. So, My goal HAD been to do a speed workout this week, but now I think my goal should be to listen to my body and keep the activity gentle if needed. Running and biking will take place if/when it feels right. We’ll see. Other goals: two PT sessions, two strength classes.

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