The Week in Workouts [5.26 – 6.1]

Things returned mostly to normal this week and whatever was ailing my entire right side (Foot! Knee! Hip! Shoulder!) abated. I still didn’t push it too hard this week, but I stayed fairly active.

[147/365] Leaving campus.

Here’s what went down:

Monday: 3-mile walk. I was still feeling things out on Monday and wasn’t ready for a real run yet, so I just hoofed it out the door and got my butt moving for a while.  I also started a PT mini-session, but I can’t count it because I got distracted by something and only ever did super mans. Maybe it was a micro-session? [Steps: 8,803]

Tuesday: 1.9-mile Elliptical + Body Pump. Back to the gym. I decided I’m going to try the elliptical machine as a pre-weights warm-up instead of running/walking. On a day when I don’t have a scheduled run, switching to lower impact activity couldn’t hurt, right?  Body pump class was good. I increased weights on a lot of the muscle groups. My only problem: I’d like to add weight to my squats, but I was having trouble getting the heavier bar over my head into position, so I took the added weight back off.  [Steps: 9,722]

Wednesday: 4-mile Run + PT Mini-Session. I almost only ran three, but I was honestly feeling so good (pain free!) that I made it four. The afternoon heat had me moving pretty slowly, so I figured I wasn’t at risk of pushing it too hard. PT consisted of bird dogs, single-leg balances, and squats while cooking dinner. Bonus points?!  [Steps: 11,675]

Thursday: 2-mile Elliptical + Body Pump. Same routine as Tuesday. I am so happy that this class is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays — two days when I can absolutely attend! Last semester, it was Wednesdays and Fridays, and I could only make the Friday class 2-3 times the entire season. Two weights classes a week is just what I need. I had the same problem with the squat bar this time — it took me a while, cognitively, to realize that I needed to focus on a solid clean-and-press form to get it up there. I figured it out too late, after I took the added weight back off. Next week, I’ll try again. SHEESH. This seems like a problem you only have when you have huge legs and baby-bird arms like I do.    [Steps: 9,231]

Friday: PT Mini-Session.  Clam shells, single-leg bridges, and airplanes. [Steps: 5,100]

Saturday: 5.5-mile Run. Oh, y’all. This was almost a perfect run. My legs felt great throughout, but I had to stop and walk (and almost quit) at about mile three, due to poor bathroom planning. I guess at this point I am just no longer used to the “go before you leave home” necessity of longer runs. A 3-4 mile run? Woulda been fine. At any rate, I found a public restroom after walking about a half mile, and then picked up the run (and re-started the Garmin) from there. It was actually a 6-mile route, but I only ran/tracked 5.5. Better luck next weekend! [Steps: 13,960]

Sunday: PT Mini-Session.  Squats, scissors, supermans. I’d wanted a walk today, but I opted to lie on the couch reading a novel and snacking all day. No regrets. [Steps: 2,847]

Totals: Steps 61,338

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 6.08.53 PM

Goals: This coming week, I’d like to get in three solid runs, two body pump classes, a bike ride, and 4-5 PT mini-sessions. It’ll be a lot, but I think I can swing it.

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