The Week in Workouts [6.16 – 6.22]

This was a pretty good week for workouts, the only exception being that I missed my beloved Body Pump class due to the shoulder pain/injury I mentioned last week. I am feeling better now, so I may likely return to the class this week, at least once, with lighter weights.

In other news, I noticed I was retaining a ton of water on Friday-Saturday-Sunday, and I think it may have had to do with the fact that I was running and biking with plain water instead of anything with electrolytes. It’s so hot and humid and sweaty lately, maybe I need to use electrolyte products more often. Thoughts?

Anyway, here’s what went down:

Monday: 4-mile run. Once again, I took my speed workout to the gym treadmills to take advantage of the air conditioning. I did tempo intervals. Warmup of 1 mile in 10:00, then four repeats of 3:00 fast and 2:00 slow, them ran the remaining distance up to 4 miles as my cool down. Fast intervals at 8:34, 8:34, 8:20, 8:20. I felt good during this run, but also could tell I was challenging myself with the paces on those last two intervals. Success. [Steps: 12,715]

Tuesday: This is normally one of my Body Pump days, but instead I just went on a walk through the neighborhood. I ran about a mile in the middle, just to make this my “bonus run” for the week.[Steps:  10,009]

Wednesday: It was so hot and miserable. This run was just destined not to go well — I wound up needing to stop at home for the restroom at about mile 2.75, then planned to run the rest of the way to 4.0, but going uphill in the sun killed me again and I had to switch to a walk. Meh. It’s only June and I’m already in that state of bitter resignation about the hot weather. [Steps: 11,678]

Thursday: Rest day. Did a little extra walking around campus and downtown — but it didn’t amount to many steps. [Steps: 4,987]

Friday: 7-mile run. I ran my “long” run of the week on Friday instead of the usual Saturday this week, and I had to get up unusually early to fit it in — but I’m so glad I did. I had a really great run today – felt good the whole way, enjoyed the slightly cooler morning air, and was pain free. Mile six was like a damned obstacle run, though: I had to navigate my way through/around a big construction project, a swath of fresh tar, and an open fire hydrant! The rest of the day involved two separate trips to campus plus a post-exam happy hour, adding up to a lot of steps. I think this is one of only 2-3 times I’ve broken 20K steps in one day. [Steps: 20,140]

Saturday: 22-mile bike ride. CW and I and our friend Nolan got an early start and took a new-to-us route south of town. It was delightfully quiet on the roads, for the most part, and we had a few challenging hills, but nothing that completely killed me. Really nice ride. The rest of the day included driving to Atlanta and then wandering around our friends’ neighborhood — I think almost all my steps came from walking around Atlanta. Not too shabby.[Steps: 10,739]

Sunday: Rest day. Did almost literally nothing. [Steps: 2,671]

Totals: Steps 72,939

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 4.53.20 PM

Goals: This coming week, I don’t have any work obligations or reasons to go to campus. The good thing about that is that I’ll be free to put in my workouts whenever I like. The bad part is that when I don’t go to campus, I struggle to get very many steps in. My goals are to get in my three runs, one ride, and at least two strength or PT workouts — AND to make an effort to meet my step goal of 70K despite not going to campus.

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