Art Walk Evening

Looking back through my photos this week, I realized I had few things I wanted to share here and never did. Whoops! Time to catch up.

A couple of weekends ago, CW, Becky, and I found ourselves downtown for a Friday happy hour — coincidentally at the same time as our local summer Art Walk. We were sitting in an upstairs bar and goofing around taking photos while enjoying a convenient view of the goings-on in the street just below.

Us + Bonus Mirror Selfie by Becky

Incidentally, I just love this photo that B. took — see her reflection in the mirror there? Fun. I am a sucker for photographs involving mirrors.

[164/365] CW

And I love this one I sneakily took while CW was busy looking out the window. If he knows his photo is being taken, he often becomes the Chandler Bing of smiling, so surreptitious candids are  often a better option.

Art Walk, From Above

The booths we could see from the window were offering produce, baked goods, jams, and some jewelry and art. While I enjoy browsing, though, I have to admit I almost never tend to buy anything at street fairs. Not recently, anyway. When I lived in Eugene I got some great jewelry at the campus street fair and at the Saturday market, but here in Auburn, I haven’t quite found my street fair shopping stride.



Don’t mind me: I’ll just take photos of your wares and not buy anything! Awful,  I know.

Well, I suppose we did shop a bit, actually. B. treated us to delicious cupcakes, not pictured. I had the most lovely peach cupcake with big chunks of fruit in it; it was amazing. And if you’ll indulge my dessert-based digression: I am absolutely a baked-goods-with-fruit dessert person.  I will always choose some type of fruit or pastry or fruit-based pastry over any kind of ice cream or most kinds of chocolate. Anything citrus, or vanilla, or caramel, too. Chocolate ice cream, for example, is just the sort of dessert that would be at the bottom of my list. I’ll just be over here eating lemon cakes with my friend Sansa Stark.

Well, dang. Now I want dessert and it’s only 10:00 AM.

Moving on: please to enjoy these photos of B. and me goofing around with modern art:

Becky / Picasso

Me / Magritte

We walked around a bit and found this band playing in the middle of the downtown area and I was so happy to get the band, Samford Hall, and the street sign all into the shot that I didn’t notice until now that I had cut off the “Art Walk” sign on the front of the stage. Photography fail! Oh well.

A Band (?)

Even though I didn’t come away with a great jewelry find or the scarf of my dreams, I had a lot of fun. Cocktails, cupcakes, art, and music: it was a pretty good way to spend a summer evening.


  1. Ah, that sounds lovely! I love when produce vendors show up at street fairs 🙂

    PS Lemon cake for the win! I love a great lemon dessert–much more refreshing than chocolate.


  2. I live in Auburn too! I found you a while back while I was looking for tofu recipes. Every time I read your blog I think about how pleasant Auburn seems through your lens.


    1. Aw, that’s nice to hear, thank you! Cheers to a fellow tofu eater in Auburn — there probably aren’t that many of us 🙂


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