The Week in Workouts [6.30 – 7.6]

This was a pretty decent week in workouts, aside from missing one of my usual runs. I stuck to my stated goals from last week, though, and tried not to push myself and to just let my workouts be whatever felt good. I think that was a success.

Here’s what went down:

Monday: PT. Clam shells, bridges (RB), supermans, squats, single-leg balances, tippy birds.  [Steps: 3,070]

Tuesday:  3.75-mile run. All I remember about this run was that it was hot and sweaty and miserable. I’m sure I was shooting for 4 miles, so I must have cut it off early. [Steps: 16,223]

Wednesday: 3.3-mile hike in the forest preserve. Eaten alive by bugs. Big, aggressive, biting bugs. Blech. Good company and a margarita afterward saved the day! [Steps: 10,816]

Thursday:  Rest Day. Normally this is a run day or something, but it was that Special Time in a woman’s life and I was NOT feeling it. [Steps: 4,906]

Friday:  Power Vinyasa class.  Went to yoga fly to meet up with a friend and wound up seeing two other friends there as well. It was a great class and made me wish I could afford to go there more often.  [Steps: 4,247]



Saturday: 3.2-mile Walk. I had thought about doing my long run Saturday morning, but Friday night’s festivities were taking their toll, so I stayed home for the morning. I took this walk in the afternoon, testing out a pair of new sneakers I got for the upcoming trip.  They should be pretty comfortable. [Steps: 8,628]

Sunday:  8.5-mile run. This is my longest run this year, since going through my hip injury/rehab a few months ago. I’m so happy to be able to add on miles like this again! I think I’d like my goal for the summer and early fall to be running up to 10 miles on the weekend, which certainly seems reachable now. After I get back from our honeymoon, I may have to back up a little bit in mileage, but I’m sure a few weeks of regular running will get me back up to 8-10 miles. Yay. This run was really slow, especially in the uphill section around miles 5-6, but overall I felt strong and like the distance was no problem. [Steps: 20,430]

Totals: Steps: 68,320 D’oh. Even a 20K+ day couldn’t make up for skipping a run. Also, I seriously do NOT know how people who don’t run or walk for exercise get in 10K steps a day just from their daily activities. HOW?


Goals: This week, I’ll only be in town doing traditional “workouts” Monday through Thursday — then CW and I leave for our belated honeymoon. I’d like to get in two runs, at least one walk, and at least one strength/yoga/PT-type workout before we leave town. We’ll be walking a lot every day in Europe, so I want to be ready for that.

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