Bits and Bobs

Hello, blog. I miss you. Lately I’ve been feeling that I will never, ever have time in the day again to sit down and write a post. And yet! A lot of things come up that I want to write about! So today I decided to just start a little post of bits and bobs, and I am allowing myself to come over here for a few minutes in between other work and hurriedly write little installments. Once I have a few of them, I’ll publish it. Let’s see how this goes.

1. A pair of pants that was pretty snug after coming back from Europe is now fitting much more comfortably, and I stepped on the scale the other day and happily noted a couple of pounds lost. I haven’t been dieting or restricting at all — just engaging in my normal moderate/healthy eating and drinking plus being very active. It’s really nice to see this gradually paying off, as reflected in my more comfortable pants. That’s what weight maintenance is all about, for me: if I start feeling uncomfortably heavy or my clothes get too tight, I should be able to just rein it in a bit to more normal consumption patterns and see results — albeit gradual ones. Fine. Good.

2. I spent Labor Day weekend in Charleston with two of my oldest and dearest friends — and a few new friends I was meeting for the first time. It was my friend Mel’s bachelorette weekend! We had such a lovely time, including a fun night out, a day spent at the beach, and some really delicious food and drinks. As a fun bonus, my friend Claire drove to stay with me the night before the trip so we could drive the rest of the way to Charleston together (I’m halfway between her town and Charleston, so it worked out perfectly).  This had the nice effect of extending the fun — instead of driving 6 hours solo each way, I got to have a fun road trip with a friend. We had some good snacks, I tell you what. One word: Haribo.

3. If you follow me on twitter, you already know that I had to surprise-buy a new car last week. I was none too happy about it at first. My old 1997 Toyota Camry started making an unpleasant noise and the situation rapidly worsened. One minute I was all, “Hmmm, this doesn’t sound good but it’s probably…okay?” and the next minute I was getting my husband to follow me home from work just in case. The next morning, I almost didn’t make it to the shop, the car was struggling so hard. While it was in for repairs, I did some quick research on the trade-in/resale value of the car because I was concerned the cost of repairs might actually be more than the car was worth — which was less than $1000. CW and I thought the tipping point might be about $500-600, meaning if the repairs were that much, I should consider buying a new car instead. Imagine my reaction when the mechanic told me it needed an all new engine, which would run me almost $4000. So. I bought a new car. It is the first time in my life I have ever chosen a car myself, — and the first car loan I’ve ever had. I’m quite stressed about the financial aspect (money is my biggest anxiety trigger, for sure), but I love the car. It’s a 2012 Hyundai Tucson and it’s fabulous. Oh, and my completely dead Camry, with a bad engine, that had to be towed to the dealer? It got me $500 as a trade in.

The whole above story made me think I should write a little rundown of all my previous cars — kind of an automotive memoir. I once had a 1987 Chevy Cavalier I would love to tell you about, should I get the chance to write a real post ever again.

4. In other news, for future bits-and-bobs installments whenever I get a spare minute: I signed up for a 5K and hopefully also a 10-mile race; I got a box of terrible clothes from Stitchfix; and I love the new Jenny Lewis album.

Well, now I guess I don’t need to write those updates, do I? Regardless, I’ll be back.


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