I found myself at Panera this afternoon on a solo lunch with a little time to kill and I wanted to blog — and lo and behold, Kori had just posted a good meme. So without further ado, here are a lot of things I’m doing:

Making – Lesson plans for my classes tomorrow. One would think that after years of teaching many of the same courses and texts, I would not have to reinvent the wheel every time, but the more I learn about teaching the more I like to push myself in new directions and thus, a new approach to Borges for tomorrow.

Cooking – Dinner tonight. Tuesday is my night to cook (one of them, anyway), and it’s burrito bowls in the house tonight. Rice and black beans and roasted poblano and jalapeño peppers, salsa and guacamole and plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (don’t hate me). I think we need tortilla chips, too, so I need to pick some up.

Drinking – All La Croix all the time. I drank some wine this past weekend because, well, it was an appropriate time in the month to be drinking (dammit), and I also plan to drink some champagne this coming weekend at my BFF Melissa’s wedding, but other than that, it is sad, sad, no-booze time in the life of KO.

Reading – Still working my way through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Dumbledore has left Hogwarts and the Weasleys have set off their fireworks, so it won’t be long now.

Wanting – More leggings and more cozy tunics, a bunch of new cardigans because you can never have too many, some Halloween candy which I have so far neglected to buy, and a call back from my doctor’s office. Also, to buy a house next year.

Looking – A little squashy and zitty. Or, I’m feeling that way, at least. In reality I probably just look like someone who’s hogging a booth at Panera after I’ve clearly finished eating.

Playing – I don’t play.

Wishing – You know what for.

Enjoying – The occasional fall-like mornings we’ve been having. The temperature is doing its usual Alabama thing where it teases us into thinking fall is here and then it jumps up to 85 again, but when those cool mornings come around every now and then, running is pure perfect happiness, I tell you what.

Waiting – For the tire shop to call me back. I have a tire pressure monitor light in my new car (so fancy!), and it lit up, so I added air and it turned back off. Yay, I solved the problem, right? Well, the next day (today), the stupid tire pressure light came back on. So I’m having the pros check and see if I have a slow leak or am just too dumb to add enough air on my own. Ugh. (Update: it was a nail in the tire. All fixed up.)

Wondering – Why it is so hard to get your body to do what you want it to. Really though.

Loving – My awesomely smart and curious honors students this semester.

Hoping – I can get done all the teaching and paperwork I need to get done before leaving town this weekend. And that I don’t need to buy a new tire.

Marveling – At The Amazing Mr. Hugo Canada, who continues to beat all the odds in his amazing fight against super-rare cancer.

Needing – A possible replacement of a crown I just had done 3-4 years ago (no bueno), to finally get my last name changed on my health insurance, a haircut, a winter dress coat (wool, knee or mid-thigh length), a trip to the store to get the last elements for a wedding gift for Mel!

Wearing – Today, stretchy black skinny jeans, a tee shirt, an open cardigan, boots, and a skull-patterned scarf.

Following – All the best and most hilarious and smart and interesting and nice people on Twitter. I love chatting back and forth with them all day.

Noticing – How seriously nice everyone at my dentist’s office is. I am so glad I switched about three years ago from my previous dentist, who was not only rude and mean but who also had an office that ran at least an hour behind schedule every single GDMFing day.

Knowing – All about labyrinths, both unicursal and multicursal, thanks to today’s research.

Feeling – Full of too much lunch. A little tired. Excited for this weekend’s trip to Mel’s wedding. Like my monthly crankiness is finally abating. Hopeful. Busy. Like I forgot something I needed to do today.

Bookmarking – Sweet-potato-based side dishes. Photos of bangs.


  1. Sorry to hear you’re still waiting, wishing and no-boozing. It’s really a terrible trifecta. Thinking of you xoxox


  2. The waiting and wishing. It’s so hard to live your life in 28-32 cycle increments. I’m sorry.

    Also, MOAR TUNICS. They are just the best.


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