TV Talk

TV Shows I’m Currently Watching and Enjoying

Nashville. Look, I know it’s gotten ridiculously soapy this season. But you know what? It’s always been soapy and that’s one of the things I’ve always loved about it. I am not loving this storyline with Will and Layla, but I am sort of enjoying the trainwreck-style feeling I have about where it’s going. Also, they need to give Scarlett something more interesting to do this season. But yeah. I love me some Nashville and I will keep watching it no matter how soapy it gets.

How to Get Away With Murder. I don’t know about y’all but I have been into this from the very first episode. Loving it. I love murder mysteries and courtroom dramas and law school stuff (in another life I would have gone to law school), so this is right up my alley. The main guy, played by that kid who was on Harry Potter? I don’t love him. His earnestness bugs me. But I love the show. Viola Davis is great — but there’s this sort of awkward desperation she plays in certain scenes (when she’s begging someone to do/not do something, usually) that I find oddly disturbing. At any rate, I’m thoroughly enjoying this show.

Gilmore Girls. I am doing a big Gilmore Girls re-watch along with everyone else, thanks to Netflix. Take me back to Stars Hollow and get me a cup of coffee at Luke’s, please. I will never really like ANY of Rory’s boyfriends, so I don’t want to argue about which one of them was best (none — none best), but I will happily explain to anyone at length why I dislike each of them. Logan is the worst, for example. The only tolerable iteration of any of them is late-series Jess who comes along in his Dinosaur Jr. shirt while Rory is dating Logan and tries to get her to snap out of it. But still, I wouldn’t want her to get involved with him again anyway, so that doesn’t even count.

TV Shows I’m Currently Watching but Wish I Weren’t

Scandal. Oh y’all. I was really sucked into Scandal when I first started marathoning it on Netflix last year. This year, though? Enh. I can’t quite get into it. For one thing, I hate Jake (creeper) and the President (lying, adulterous, judge-smothering Republican) (just kidding, I don’t hate him for being a Republican) (much), so I don’t really care about that little love triangle. Like Rory, I just think Olivia should be herself and/or find a guy who is actually good enough for her. Anyway. I keep watching it because I feel like I made some kind of commitment to the show or something, with all those hours I spent marathoning it, and also because I want to be able to continue to discuss it with my Scandal-watching friends. So, we’ll see. I’ll probably stick it out at least through this season.

TV Shows I am Trying Out but Don’t Yet Know How I Feel About

Selfie. It’s cute and funny, at least two episodes in, it is. I feel like this could be an amusing 90-minute romantic comedy and I’d totally get behind it. An entire series, though? I’m not sure.

A to Z. Someone wanted to rip off How I Met Your Mother, I think. I like the mom from HIMYM, who plays the female lead and I like the male lead, who was on Mad Men (as the wacky creative guy, right? I should IMDB this but I’m in a hurry). I’ve seen two episodes so far and it’s pleasantly diverting. We’ll see.

Forever. I have seen 3-4 episodes of this so far and I feel like it could ALMOST be a super-interesting, addictive, supernatural mystery show, but it’s not quite hitting all the right buttons. I do love the sexy Welshman who plays the lead. The lady cop has, like, zero charisma, though. She needs to go.

TV Shows I am Not Currently Watching but Wish I Were

Doctor Who. I am basically just waiting for the current season to be available on Netflix so I can marathon it. I’ve never watched this show week to week (season-long marathons only), so I can be patient. But I’m so curious to see the new Doctor in action!

Parks and Recreation. When does this come back already? I am both eager and wary — the flash forward they did at the end of last season seemed like it could be a bit dodgy.

Game of Thrones. Again, how long do we have to wait on this one? I love this show. Maybe CW and I should do a marathon re-watch of seasons 1-4 over the holidays. Hmm.

Your turn: Are there any new shows (preferably on Hulu/Netflix) I should check out? What are your current faves?

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