I will not even bother right now to complain about how I’m still sick, because I know there is nothing worse than someone whining about being sick.

Instead, here’s how my Saturday is shaping up so far: I slept in until 11:00 and then had some leftover tofu & veggie pho for…well, let’s call it brunch, I suppose. I’m sure pho for brunch is a thing and if it isn’t, it should be. I then watched the last two episodes of season one of Gilmore Girls on the couch in my robe*. This is pretty much a banner start to a Saturday, if you ask me. If only I could have traded the box of tissues for a long run. Ah, well.

*That’s WAY more than 1,000 yellow daisies.

I had some work to tend to online, and while I was working, my husband snuck out and came back home with flowers for me. I do love getting flowers. (Before my husband, the last guy who got me flowers was my high school boyfriend. I dated a lot of questionable dudes before I got married; the kind who think getting a lady flowers is a huge waste of time and money. But I digress.) Our one-year wedding anniversary is tomorrow, but we’re celebrating tonight because it’s Saturday. I do desperately wish I weren’t a giant festering germ bag this weekend, but what can you do?

After I got done with work, CW and I went out to the fancy grocery store to pick up things for dinner. We decided to plan a good meal and cook together rather than going out, because 1) we like to cook together and 2) we like to save money. We’re having a bunch of stuff, but for me, the highlights will be as follows: cheesy scalloped potatoes and leftover wedding cake. I pretty much don’t need anything else except those two things and I’ll be a happy lady. Well, and champagne. But we’ve got that, too.

Speaking of wedding cake, it has been defrosting since yesterday and I am VERY excited to get to eat some. I don’t know what happened at the wedding, but I think they only served like half of the bottom of the cake and never brought out any more, so I only got one narrow little slice. I did manage to get them to pack up two extra slices and send them up to our hotel room, so I had another piece in bed for breakfast the next morning, but let’s be frank. I’d been planning on housing a good 3-4 slices at the reception AT LEAST. It’s a really good vanilla cake with lemon filling in between the layers and a vanilla buttercream frosting.  my favorite! (I got to choose it because CW doesn’t care that much about cake.) So yeah, like I said: very eager to dig into the top tier tonight.

At the moment, we are watching the AU vs Texas A&M game and I am drinking a single Terrapin Pumpkinfest beer I picked up at the store. (Recommended.) Things are not looking good for the Tigers, but I think we’ve got a good night in store nonetheless.

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