Top Ten Things I’m Not Blogging About

1. Potatogate 2014. Already tweeted about it too much to make it worth writing here.

2. My stupid virus/cough, which, yes, is still plaguing me. No one wants to read that.

3. My reproductive health and current plans and feeeeeeelings. Maybe later, but maybe not.

4. Interesting books I’m reading. Still in the midst of the Great Harry Potter Reread (I’ve made it to The Half-Blood Prince!).

5. Running. See number two, above.

6. How my husband is also coming down with a virus — see number two, above.

7. Cool new recipes I’ve been making, because hello, food rut.

8. Great new movies I’ve seen. We recently watched Snowpiercer and I definitely missed something.

9. My family.

10. Work.

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