We’ve just come home from happy hour, where I decided that I was feeling marginally better (with only one uncontrollable coughing fit to that point), and that FURTHERMORE whiskey was MEDICINAL and an old fashioned was essentially a tastier version of cough syrup. It is, don’t you think?

So I’ve just had the first alcoholic beverage in quite some time and it’s Friday and my teaching is complete and I have no grading this weekend and the next forty-eight hours are splaying themselves out in front of me in a totally inappropriate display of sleep and sweat pants and coffee and hours spent in front of the fireplace and yes, I’m thinking yes.

My husband is in the kitchen making an impromptu dinner of veggie burgers and oven fries and luckily we also have some leftover cole slaw* and, for dessert, some of the last bits of wedding cake will surely be eaten. Life is good.

*I used to loathe cole slaw but for some reason I like it now? I don’t even know myself. But that’s a topic for another day.

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