Back in the Game?

After feeling much better yesterday — better enough for a slow and short (but so happy!) run — I decided today was the day to return to one of my regular classes at the gym. It’s been part of my Wednesday routine all semester. I go with a few friends every week and we all motivate each other to show up, I’ve hated to miss it the past two weeks.

The class is a high-intensity interval session that’s only 30 minutes long, and it’s run tabata style (general calisthenics for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). As the name implies, it’s intense, but it’s also quite manageable. You can do basically anything for 20 seconds.

Normally, this class is one that feels like a really good workout, and, happily, I usually wish it were longer. Forty-five minutes or an hour would be fine by me. After class, my friends and I usually hit the indoor track for about 30-45 minutes of brisk walking and talking before we head home, which makes it feel like a pleasant and productive hour and also a fun time to socialize.

Well, let me tell you how ugly it was today. Hooo boy. At one point during a set of burpees, which I was already modifying to exclude the push up, I couldn’t decide whether I was more likely to pass out or barf. Please don’t let me pass out, I pleaded with the universe, but also please don’t let me barf. The feeling continued for the rest of the class and only by the grace of dog did I keep my shit together. Phew.

So, at any rate, while I’m feeling much, much better, it’s quite clear that I am not 100% yet. Missing two weeks of workouts is one thing, but being completely knocked on my ass is another (I’ve honestly never had a “cold” quite like this before, what EVEN?!). So I’m feeling ready to work, but maybe not completely equipped yet, physically. I’ll get there. I’ve got a run planned for tomorrow morning — let’s see what happens.

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