Work Day, A New Coat, The Decemberists

Today is chock full of STUFF, and I’m not sure I’ll find the time for a proper — or even a half-assed — post. Even now, I’m stealing two minutes in a meeting to post this.

I’ll add to this later, if I do get a chance. If not, happy Friday, friends!

Well, look at that! I’m back. A change of plans has led to my having a spare hour or so right now, so here I am with a beer and an episode of Gilmore Girls (“The Bracebridge Dinner”) and a WordPress window.

Today was the last day of classes before Thanksgiving break (we get the entire week off; don’t hate me) and after today I think I’ve truly earned the break. And I feel truly thankful for it.

I won’t get into the details, but my morning started off with a very uncomfortable conversation with someone who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, even after being told “no” at least three times. I hate that sort of thing. I have, in my life, seriously lacked the ability to say “no” to people. If I could say yes and thereby avoid conflict, I would do it, no matter how much I really, really didn’t want to. So when I find myself actually able to say “no,” but then the person keeps testing me by asking again and again in more and more egregious ways, well. I really lose my cool. It took many repeated “NO”s to end the conversation, and many minutes afterward for my blood pressure to return to normal.

After all that fun, I had my normal teaching day and an extra-long faculty meeting afterward and whew. My brain is zapped right now.

In good news, I decided to return the questionable jacket to Target in favor of a more classic and durable (and expensive, boo) one from Land’s End*. It came today and I love it! I did not love the price, even though it’s definitely a fair price for such a thing. I am just cheap, is all. At any rate, I am calling it an early birthday present to myself, so hooray for aging.

I’ve also managed to successfully purchase tickets with a group of friends to see The Decemberists in April in Atlanta. I am so excited! They’re playing at the Tabernacle again, where they played on the Hazards of Love tour — one of my favorite all-time concerts. It’s a really fun place to see them. It’s general admission, no seating, and people stand up and dance. The last place I saw them in Atlanta was the Cobb Energy Center, for their The King is Dead tour, which is a big concert hall with seating and a much more staid feel. I’m happy to be seeing them in the smaller venue again. Yay!

*When I went to find the link for the coat, I see they just put it on sale! GAH! I am going to email customer service and see if they’ll refund me the difference. Dangit.

UPDATE: Land’s End refunded me the price difference, easy peasy. Great customer service! Totally recommended.

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