Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today are having wonderful, restful, peaceful days full of delicious food and especially pie. And wine. And no awkward family conversations about politics or religion  or when you’re going to get a real job, get married, or have kids. You know. Basically, I hope your family members’ mouths are all so stuffed with food that they can only get out a few words, such as “thank you for this delicious meal,” and “I love you,” and “have you lost weight?”

Here chez W., we aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving until Saturday, due to my brother’s work schedule. That means I’ll be jealously looking at photos of all your delicious pies on Instagram all day and silently cursing the fact that I have to wait two more days for pie. CW and I will be able to spend the day together, just the two of us, though, which seems like a lovely idea. We’re hoping to find a Mexican restaurant open today and go eat some massive amounts of Mexican food for lunch. And margaritas. Other than that, our plans are pretty flexible.

I thought I’d take some quiet time this morning to sit down and reflect on a few things I am grateful for this year in the traditional Thanksgiving style. Here’s a list:

1. My husband, who encourages and supports me and makes me laugh and makes me feel loved and also makes me dinner.

2. My job, that teaches me new things every day.

3. My dog, who is absolutely the sweetest dog I know.

4. Coffee, who is there for me every morning.

5. Running, which is free therapy in all weather.

6. My family, which has more than doubled in size since getting married and I am all the luckier for it.

7. My friends, including all of you, who teach me things and make me laugh and are there for me when things are tough. Thank you.

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