Pies, Wine.

My pies are in the oven, y’all. My family will be getting here in another hour or so, and then our belated Thanksgiving will begin. (The big meal is tomorrow.)


This is my most ambitious pie holiday so far. I made a lattice crust for the apple, but we will have to see how that turns out when it comes out of the oven. Didn't snap a photo of it beforehand. PS I know everyone is all done with posting TG cooking phot

This is a pretty ambitious pie-making endeavor for me — two pies with from scratch crust. I only started making my own crust last year, and I’m still a little nervous about it. The dough seemed to roll out nicely and was easy to work with, though, so I think it’ll be good. The pie crust is Smitten Kitchen’s all-butter recipe; the pumpkin pie is the recipe on the back of the Libby’s can, and the apple pie is from Dishing Up Oregon. I made a lattice crust for that apple pie and then didn’t photograph it before it went in the oven, so you’ll have to wait to see how that turned out. As will I.

I went out this morning to buy wine and there happened to be a really good deal at Earth Fare, so I came home with this:

Family gets into town at 4:00 for Thanksgiving. DO U THINK I HAVE ENOUGH WINE?!?!

I have no idea how the Turkey or sides will turn out, but I do know that, so far, we will have an apple pie, a pumpkin pie, and twelve bottles of wine. Oh, and CW bought stuff for Bloody Marys for tomorrow morning. And there will be both sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. So I think this Thanksgiving is going to be pretty all right.

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