January Check-In: 10 Days In

As I write this post, it’s now January tenth, which means I’m one third of the way through my January healthy eating and exercise…thing. I don’t know what to call it, exactly. It’s not a diet, really. I think “reset” is a good word for it. My January Reset, then

When I last posted about it here, I had been going for two or three days and was just in that stage of getting re-accustomed to eating a normal amount of food — food that did not consist entirely of pies, cheeses, casseroles, candy, and alcohol. Things were rough.

Now, a week later, I am in the zone. I’ve gotten into a good rhythm with cooking and eating; I’ve started my half marathon training cycle (which has the benefit of adding a sense of purpose to my runs, which I already enjoy); I’m keeping up with the Betty Rocker workouts.

Highlights so far include:

  • Drinking kombucha as a replacement for an evening glass of wine
  • Not feeling even a teeny bit bad about spending money on Honeycrisp apples
  • Eating lots of sweet potatoes in various formats (baked, oven fries, roasted, etc.)
  • Putting a spoonful of peanut butter in my smoothies
  • Snacking on half an avocado with lime juice and salt
  • Running, always and forever

I do have a weight-loss goal — it’s not only about re-establishing good habits — but I don’t want to think about my weight every day. So, I’ve decided to weigh myself just once a week. I stepped on the scale this morning and was quite pleased to see a loss of 4 lbs since last Saturday. I assume a good bit of that is water weight coming off, but hopefully a pound or so of it is fat. Off to a pretty good start, I’d say! I assume I won’t see a big loss like that again, because at this point I’ve already reset myself enough that I’m no longer so bloated. Everything from here on out should be Actual Fat coming off — and I’m looking forward to that.

To everyone else out there who is using this month to get your focus back on healthier eating, exercise, weight loss, or anything of the kind, I hope you’re feeling great! High five to you, my friends!

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