More About My Pants, Literally and Metaphorically

Today has already started out as a success because I remembered to wear pants to work. Unlike last Tuesday. Ahem.

It’s the Tuesday after a long weekend, and I am back in the office after hitting the gym, trying to gather my forces and my resources to get prepared for the week ahead. It’s going to be a busy one. But I have pants, so, you know, at least I’ve got that going for me.

On another note, it’s also the last week of my current cycle, which means I am just sitting and waiting around for something to happen. If you know what that feels like, then you understand.

In order to distract myself for the next few days, I am planning to finish watching season two of The Fall (so good), and reading Lauren Beukes’s new novel, Broken Monsters. I’m really into light, cheerful stuff, you know? Heh.

On that topic, my husband hasn’t been wanting to watch any movies or TV that fall into the dark, twisted, disturbing categories lately. Those often tend to be my favorite categories and really, they leave a person feeling so warm, happy, and safe, so I can’t imagine how he could possibly that way. Recently, we watched a couple of episodes of Black Mirror together, and then I finished the series on my own when he decided enough was enough with that insanity. Then, we started The Fall together, but after two episodes he was done with it, too. He’s currently re-watching old seasons of Parks & Rec, leaving me to watch all the scary stuff by myself.

I suppose if I am the only one in this family who is willing to educate myself about technological dystopias and violent serial killers, that means it will fall on me to protect us in the event of a threat. I’m wearing the pants, see.

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