A Dog’s Birthday, A Wished-for Vacation

My sweet dog just turned nine years old — his birthday happens to be on Groundhog Day, which I think is quite perfect, as dachshunds were bred to kill small burrowing animals like groundhogs.  Punxsutawney Phil better watch his back, is all. Egon is definitely showing some grey hairs these days, but he is generally just as awesome as ever.  His handicap makes him a pretty high-maintenance dog, but he’s totally worth it. Just ask anyone who’s ever met him.

Nothing beats a good snuggle with your blankie.

In other news, it’s only the fourth week of the semester but I am already feeling the need for a vacation. I think part of that is just an adjustment issue, as my teaching schedule is reconfigured this semester. I have slightly fewer meetings and other related tasks, but I’m in the classroom for more hours and will be grading more assignments. I love my work and now there’s just…more to love? Do I have that concept right?

I would like to turn back time and relive just one summer day in Athens, please. The moschofilero. The yogurt. The sandals. Please contact me if you know how to arrange this.

Morning sky on campus.

I’ve got early classes this semester, which means I get to campus in time to see the streetlights still on and the parking lots nearly empty. This also means it is a true emergency if I forget my coffee on the counter at home, which I do about once a week. I tell you what: even though I switched to half-caff at least six months ago, I still really need my coffee. The other day I got to school and almost cried when I realized my travel mug was still at home, sitting on the bar, slowly growing cold in an empty house.

I do hopefully have a mini-vacation coming up soon, though. Next month my husband has a conference in Tampa and I think I am going to be able to tag along for part of it. It starts during the week before our spring break, so I’ll have to stay in town to teach my classes through that week, but I may leave after and meet CW in Florida for the weekend. Fingers crossed it works out! I’d love to be able to show off my blinding white, dry, cracked, winter skin on some sunny beaches, you know?

Anyway, what’s going on with you lately?


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