Half Marathon Training: Week 5

Soooooo. This week started out great but then took a nasty turn somewhere in there. I’ll just skip to the play-by-play:

Monday: Rest and chiropractic adjustment. This was my first time getting my bones cracked by the doctor; it went pretty well. I was already feeling a HUGE reduction in my pain and discomfort since the previous week, and hopeful that the adjustments would get me back in full working order soon. The doctor assured me it was OK to keep exercising as normal, especially since I was able to do so without pain during or after.

Rejoice, for today is Track Tuesday!

Tuesday: Speedwork, 4x800s (5 miles total). I finally took myself to the track and I don’t know what I’d been so scared of! It went perfectly. I stayed well within my target pace range and felt great & pain-free the entire time. I found it much more pleasant than the treadmill, too. Target pace for the 800s was 8:05-8:25, and I did the reps at 8:13, 8:17, 8:20, 8:15. I noticed I was slowing down a bit so I pushed it on the last one to try to finish faster than the previous two. Success!

Wednesday: Chiropractic adjustment and bike trainer workout, 45 mins. My first bike workout in quite some time. I have temporarily abandoned the Betty Rocker workouts, so I decided to do a simpler cross training that I thought would be easier on my back.

Thursday: 8 mile “tempo.” This workout seemed impossible before I even began — 8 miles at a speed I find difficult at even half the distance? I told myself I’d try to keep my effort up and not worry about pace. On my dead legs, that was unfortunately a pace as slow as my long runs usually are (9:50-ish instead of the target 9:15). My legs just felt heavy and slow the entire time. Later Thursday night, I started to feel my back pain coming back, too. Had it been the run? Or the previous day’s bike?

Friday: Rest and chiropractic adjustment. I woke up without pain and felt good all day, but I mentioned the previous night’s pain to my doctor, who said it had probably been the bike workout that was to blame. He advised me to try cross-training workouts that allowed the back and hips to move more (elliptical, swimming, walking). I left feeling good.

Saturday: Long Run, 6 miles. Total fucking disaster. I started out feeling fine and headed out for an 8-mile out-and-back along the half marathon course. Three and a half miles in, I made an awkward half-jumping step over a branch in my path and just brutally wrenched something in my back. I could feel it immediately and it hurt to run or walk. Because I was not even to the turnaround point of my out-and-back route yet, I somehow had to manage to get back to my car, 3.5 miles away. I had no phone, so I just started walking. After some walking and stretching, the intense pain abated a bit and I realized I could jog just as well as walk (no more real pain, just tenderness either way), so I jogged back to the car. At home, after immediately icing (per doc’s instructions), I tried to get up off the floor and realized I was well and truly fucked.

Sunday: Rest. I’ve spent all day Saturday and today resting and trying not to have to change positions too often. It hurts to get up, sit down, lie down, roll over, bend, twist, lean, or sit directly on my butt. The only things it does not hurt to do are walk or lie flat on my back. I feel helpless, worried, stupid, and in constant pain.

What the hell HAPPENED? What did I even DO? Why did I have to waste $30 earlier this week by registering for a 10K race for the 14th? WHYYY??

So yeah. This may be the last training update for a bit — I am assuming I won’t be able to continue this training cycle unless a healing miracle happens. Things are not great right now. I have a full day of work tomorrow that I really don’t think I can cancel, so I have to get through that somehow (HOW?) and then another chiro appointment tomorrow afternoon. I hope they can do something to bring me some relief, but I don’t even know what that would be at this point. I can’t even imagine.


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