Marathon Updates of Various Types

Since I last updated, my back has been feeling much, much better. I’m probably 98% pain free, and the 2% pain I’m having is really more a very slight sense of discomfort, or even a sense of something just being “off,” than it is actual pain. So that’s great. I have also graduated from seeing the chiropractor 3x per week to going in once weekly, and the frequency should soon be reduced even further.

In spite of this great improvement, I’m very unlikely to do the half marathon on March 7. This completely bums me out. The training program was fun and challenging and I was really making some progress, so it’s a huge disappointment not to be able to able to follow it through. If I were to jump back in, though, it would mean I’d have to get the doc’s approval at my appointment on Thursday and then go out and run 12 miles on Saturday. That just doesn’t seem like a brilliant idea, does it? Especially only a couple of weeks after I was all but immobilized for two days. There’s another local half marathon at the end of April, though, so I’ll consider doing it instead — it’ll just depend on what else might be going on health-wise at that point.

In marathon news of a different sort, the first grading marathon of the semester has begun: 100+ essays, 100+ midterms, and dozens of assorted other small projects and assignments will be graded between now and the end of the month. Today was the first big push, and I’m recovering from the effort by refueling (glass of red wine) and relaxing in front of the fireplace while my husband cooks dinner (vegan potato-leek soup with Field Roast). I should probably also do some restorative yoga later, preferably savasana, preferably in bed. Namaste.

Note on the header photo: actual photo from fall semester finals, because yes, really. 

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