We did it! We are here. No thanks to UHaul, who did not have the truck we reserved, nor in fact ANY truck for us to use. No thanks to the local moving crew we booked to load and unload the (now nonexistent) truck, who kept pushing back their arrival time hour after hour until we finally had to cancel them. Big thanks to our friends, who pulled through in the last minute and brought a pickup truck and towed a flat/open trailer full of furniture we loaded and unloaded ourselves.

We are home and I am never leaving. We don’t have our sofa, love seat, living room rug, or internet yet (those will all be here by Tuesday), but our bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and reading room are all set up and ready to go. Let’s agree not to discuss the mess that is the guest bedroom at this time, okay? Okay.

"Hmmm. Yes. All of this is now mine. I think I like it."

Egon is finding his footing on the hardwood floors (he prefers carpet) (and also is in desperate need of a nail trim), so I let him explore on his wheels this morning. He has surveyed his domain and declared it fitting. His only problem is that, in the absence of a couch, he is suffering a distinct lack of couch snuggle time with his two humans. We were watching movies in bed last night (on DVD! So old school!) and he was not allowed in bed with us, so he just sat with his blankie outside the bedroom door, watching us to make sure we were still there. Poor guy. He will be much happier when the couch and rug arrive.

Flannery, not pictured, is doing her usual cat-settling-in-to-new-house routine of finding small enclosed spaces in which to hide, alternating with sad, lonely meowing. I think she slept all last night inside her litter box. Dear kitty, the box is to be used for other things, please and thank you.

Since we’ve got such a big, private yard in a quiet neighborhood, we are going to try letting her explore outside if she’s interested. Today she checked out the back porch for a few minutes before retreating back indoors. We’ll see how it goes.

Our hummingbird neighbors better get excited.

There should be plenty out there to amuse her, really. Our cutest neighbors so far are the hummingbirds, and we’ve already bought them a present. Isn’t it delightfully gaudy? It’s hanging on the back porch and can easily be seen from both the kitchen and bedroom. I watched it for a while this morning before getting out of bed, but didn’t spot any avian customers yet. We shall see.

More snippets soon.


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