Let’s Pretend this is at all Cohesive

My 5-week summer class started on Tuesday, so today marks the end of the first week. It’s a course that attempts to cram a semester’s worth of reading, writing, and learning into a very short, intense mini-term, so teaching it is somewhat demanding (as it is, too, for the students), but it goes by really, really quickly. I have no idea where the past week has gone!

I’m finding myself easily distracted and more than ever I’m in need of my handy bullet journal for list-making and managing day-to-day and long-term tasks. The only problem is that I often can’t seem to go get my notebook and write down my task in it before I forget what the task was in the first place. Sometimes I don’t even make it to the room where the notebook is without getting sidetracked. Right now, in fact, I feel like there’s something I wanted to write down in there. Do you know what it was, perhaps? And does pregnancy come with a mild, hopefully temporary case of adult ADD?

One great thing about my schedule right now, though, is that while I go into campus early, I am generally free to leave by noon, which means I can come home for lunch and then, usually, a nap. Sweet, sweet naps, am I right? I think I need to order this shirt, by the way:


Speaking of maternity clothes, I have been a bit frustrated trying to find things that are appropriate for work. In the summer, I’m fine with being a bit more casual and I’ll probably throw on jersey-knit dresses and such fairly often. When the school year starts again in the fall, though, I’d prefer to be a bit more dressed up — at least for the early part of the semester when I’m establishing my relationship with my students. (These are some of my favorite work outfits, including both some casual and some dressy.) I’m sure at some point when I am as big as a house I’ll just have to go with whatever is big enough to cover my massive girth, fashion be damned. At any rate, so far I have a pair of black dressy crops (I’d like some in full length, too) from Old Navy and a few tops that will work, but mostly I’ve only been able to find tees and other very casual shirts available — hardly any dressier tops. I’ve got a couple of dresses and a ton of cardigans. I mainly need a couple of full-length dress pants and definitely more tops. I recently discovered, thanks to my friend Mel, that Loft makes maternity clothes. I think their website is going to become my new favorite place to shop this fall.

See what happened there? This post went completely off the rails. I had no intention of blogging about clothes, and now look.

Fine, I suppose I’ll just throw in another random tidbit while I’m at it. Does anyone watch the show Wayward Pines?


My husband and I have just started it on Hulu and we’re three episodes in so far. The thing is, I can’t tell — is it awesome, terrible, or awesomely terrible? It has a delightful sort of vaguely Twin Peaks vibe, and a detective-like main character, but, I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but is Matt Dillon supposed to be playing kind of a clueless doofus, or is that just how I see Matt Dillon? At any rate, I’m enjoying the show for now. It’s just missing some damned good coffee and cherry pie.

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