15 Weeks: In Which My Heart…Warms

Fifteen weeks along! The discrepancy over my exact progress and due date continues, however. I say I was 15 weeks on Sunday, but my medical records say it’s today. I talked to my doctor about this and she says there’s no point in changing it on the record now, since it’s just a few days difference. Meh.


Today I’m wearing my first actual maternity dress, and it definitely shows the baby bump! I really like the dress (it’s from Target), except that it’s one of those annoyingly cheap products where they couldn’t be bothered to match up the stripes when sewing the front and back pieces together, as this photo makes very obvious. Oh well. You get what you pay for and I refuse to spend real money on things I’ll only wear for a few months.

How I’m Doing: I experimented with going off my Diclegis a couple of nights ago, thinking that in the second trimester I might not need it any longer. I will not make that mistake again. I normally take it at bedtime to help me sleep through the night and to prevent nausea the following day. The night I skipped it, I fell asleep immediately, but woke to go to the bathroom at 3:00 and never fell back asleep — this is exactly what happened for over a week in early pregnancy, which is what caused me to go on the med in the first place. No thank you. I am back on it and staying for the duration.

The following night, back on the med, I was expecting a good night’s sleep. Instead, I had an episode of some of the worst heartburn in my life which kept me up for hours, then the dog woke me again at 4:00 with his crazy antics. Can I get a break, please? Now, at least, I have added heartburn meds to my growing collection. #cherisheverymoment

The Babies are the Size of: A couple of avocados. They sure know how to win my heart, all right! Now sit still while your mother spreads you on a piece of toast, babies. (Is that…wrong?)

Movement: Am I feeling them move?! When I had my ultrasound at the MFM clinic a few weeks ago, the tech told me that both babies had anterior placentas (where the placenta forms on the front wall of the uterus), which would make it take longer for me to start feeling them. She said with twins, it’s normal to feel movement much earlier than with a singleton pregnancy, but because of the anterior placentas, it would take me longer. I believe she gave 18-20 weeks as the expected time frame, so I have not been expecting to feel anything at all. However! During my last two semi-sleepless nights, there has been a lot of lying around in the quiet darkness and both nights I’ve felt sort of a small, gentle, bubbling sensation. At first I thought it was some gas or indigestion, but the “bubbles” didn’t seem to travel along the distinct paths that gas would (ahem), but just kind of bounced around in my lower abdomen on both sides. Could this be the babies??? EEEEEEE! I hope it is. I’m going to keep quietly feeling for them when I lie down at night.

Other News: I had a doctor visit on Monday and, though I didn’t do an ultrasound, I did get to hear their two strong heartbeats (150 and 154 this time) and talked with the doctor a bit. Going forward, I’m going to be getting an ultrasound every two weeks to check cervical length. This was a recommendation from the MFM — one that was a surprise to my OB. She says I’m the only patient at the practice right now who will be doing this, but that MFM is a fast-changing science and they are constantly trying to find ways to keep high-risk patients pregnant longer. So if this helps us catch a warning sign of early labor in time to stop it, so much the better. Also, hooray for ultrasounds! I’ll start that in two weeks.

Although my age and the fact that I have twins makes me technically high risk, my doctor also told me she doesn’t consider me high risk herself, and she’d rather have me, “a healthy mother with di-di* twins” than “a less healthy mother with a singleton pregnancy and other risk factors.” This was a relief to hear, for sure.

*Twins who each have their own placenta and their own sac. This is the lowest-risk type of twin pregnancy.

In two weeks, by the way, we should be able to find out the sexes for sure. I can’t wait!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who weighed in with stroller experiences and ideas! I feel much better about that now. I love having so many parent friends I can ask for advice.


    1. Thanks! The bubbles happened again last night when I went to bed, so now I think it must be the babies for sure. Three nights in a row!


    1. Thankfully that’s the only instance of real/bad heartburn so far. I wonder if it was because I hadn’t taken my meds the night before — I’d also been nauseated all day. Anyway, I hope yours is manageable!


  1. SO exciting! (Take the extra couple days, you never know when that might come in handy!)

    I just continue to be so excited for you and those babies! xo


    1. Yes, those days could come in handy for sure, especially since I’m going to hit 38 weeks right around the last day of the fall semester. A couple extra days to get my grades in would be super handy. (Thinking positive they’ll stay indoors that long!)


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