16 Weeks: Let’s Guess the Sexes!

Sixteen weeks along, officially, as of today.


Things are definitely happening here. I bought this new pair of maternity pants recently and I feel like the full-panel situation really emphasizes the belly. This is normally one of those flowy shirts that tends to hide things, but nope. Here we are, front and center!

The Babies are the Size of: Two dill pickles, according to my Ovia app. The app just did an upgrade, though, that allows you to pick a different “themes” for the size comparisons. The other themes/sizes include: “Parisian Bakery” (babies are the size of poires belles Hélènes), Fun & Games (babies are the size of action figures), and Weird-but-Cute Animals (babies are the size of Philippine Tarsiers). So. Do with this information what you will. Me, I’m now developing a real interest in procuring for myself a poire belle Hélène.

How I’m Doing: Still feeling really good. I do occasionally get some weird abdominal feelings from all the growing and stretching that’s happening down there and my hip flexors have been a little cranky, but really I can’t complain. Thank you, pregnancy, for being so kind to me.

Movement: I am feeling those little bouncing-bubbling movements every now and then. They’re very subtle (I have to lie still and really concentrate to feel them) and not very consistent. I have the most luck feeling them when I’m lying in bed at night getting ready to fall asleep. So I get to say good night to the babies, which is nice. My favorite thing is when I can feel them on both sides at once: little Baby A and Baby B both partying down in there.

Eating: Still can’t get enough fresh berries, cereal, and yogurt. Still eating a lot of fried egg and avocado sandwiches. Still only getting enough vegetables occasionally. I am making it a goal this week to get some vegetable inspiration online and bookmark a few ideas for next week. Salads and kale, my usual go-to greens, are putting me off lately. In less healthy news, someone brought a bag of frozen tater tots into this house and fine, maybe that someone was me. I’ll probably have some with dinner tonight. Not sorry.

Wearing: What with all the eating going on around here, I am gaining weight right on track and I should have no problem hitting my target of 20-25 lbs by week 20 (I’m supposed to gain 40-50 total). What this means right now is yes, my belly is growing, but so is everything else. I am trying to get some last wears out of the non-maternity clothes before they all get too small, but I’m needing to buy more and more staple maternity items. I have revived my sporadic outfit tumblr for purposes of documentation, if you’re into that kind of thing. Please don’t confuse it with a fashion blog, because no.

Next Week: Next week I start my every-two-week (is that “biweekly”? I always get that one wrong) series of ultrasounds, and we’re hoping to find out the babies’ sexes if they’re in the mood to show us. Should we have a poll and see how many people can guess correctly? Let’s do!

First, here are some important details to help you guess:

  • They are almost assuredly fraternal twins (I know I ovulated more than one egg, and they each have a separate sack and placenta).
  • Their heart rates are almost always within 4-6 BPM of each other, except for a few occasions when they measured 10-12 BPM apart. Typically in the 150s.
  • My skin has been broken out since conceiving.
  • I have not seen any sign yet of the linea nigra or the “mask of pregnancy,” nor has my hair texture changed.
  • I don’t have a feeling about it at all — no clue!

Hopefully we’ll know this time next week. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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