Home Snapshots

We are currently 98% settled in to our new house, so I figured it was time to take some photos to preserve how it looked when it was just us here (you know, before it gets filled with babies and their related items). I really love it.

One of my favorite things is how great the paint colors turned out. The main light gray color is Sherwin Williams “Latitude,” which we found via trial and error after trying first a shade darker (“Morning Fog”) and then a shade lighter (“Olympus White”). Compared to the dark brown of our old rental house, this color seems so clean, cool, and light to me. I honestly think our things look nicer in the new house, with this color and the many windows, than they ever did before.

Here’s the living room:

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

We bought the sofas, rug, and white bookshelves on moving in. We’d had a hand-me -down couch in dark sage green that was very comfy but didn’t go with the look we wanted, so it was time for something new. The bookshelves are my favorite, favorite thing. They almost look built in, but they’re actually three separate bookcases from Ikea. God bless the Swedes.

We’d still like to add a table lamp on the side table and perhaps a small rug in front of the bookshelves (we anticipate putting the baby swing/bouncy seat there), but otherwise this room is finished.

Similar to our old rental, we decided to make the dining room into a reading room. We don’t have a big formal dining table anyway, and we just loved the shape of this room and the light and we thought we’d really enjoy using it this way. This is our old living room rug plus a couple of our old chairs (my Ikea chair has a new gray cover — it used to be red but I love it so much more now).

Reading Room

Reading Room

Here are some details of the things on top of the shelves. CW’s plants are so beautiful.

Reading Room
Reading Room

This room has turned out to be a really nice space for either quiet reading or an afternoon drink. This room is finished for now, but I can imagine when we have toddlers toddling around, we might revise it a bit into a playroom-type space so we can keep an eye on them — it is open to both the living room and kitchen, so it would be an ideal spot for them to play while we’re cooking, or something.

The kitchen colors photographed horribly, but trust me, it’s light and pretty in person. The green wall (“Parakeet”) is one of my very favorite things:

Kitchen Kitchen

We’d like to eventually have a round wooden table for the breakfast nook, but this old rectangular glass-top is doing the job okay for now.


I love love love our new refrigerator! When the sellers put this house on the market, they’d already moved out and taken their fridge with them, so we went into the purchase knowing we’d need to get our own. It is a little stressful to choose an expensive appliance, but we’ve been really happy with this one.

The kitchen is as finished as it’s going to get for a few years (except the possible new table), but eventually we’d like to replace the laminate countertops with something else, level the island to be all at counter height, and add pendant lamps above it. That’s a very long term goal, though.

The house has three bedrooms, so we have a master, a future nursery, and the third one is doing double duty as a guest room and office for both me and CW. It’s a little crowded in there, but we’ve managed to make it work:

Guest Room Window

My Workspace

Can you guess which desk is mine and which is my husband’s? It’s probably not difficult.

C's Workspace Guest Bed

We still need to decide what artwork will be hung over the bed, so this isn’t totally finished,  but it’s good enough for now.

Our bedroom is similarly almost finished. We’d like to get a headboard for this bed and also figure out what artwork to put over it. It’ll likely be the fox painting in the right corner there.


The paint colors didn’t photograph particularly well, but the lighter walls are the previously mentioned “Olympus White” and the blue wall is “Blue Jasmine,” which looks fabulous in person. The dressers are part of a set that I bought along with the guest room bed, but that bed is a double, so we are using a non-matching queen bed in here, along with side tables that are also part of a set — they came with our coffee table. I don’t mind the mix of random furniture so much, but one day it would be nice to have a matching set in here.

I don’t have anything to show you from the nursery so far because we’ve done essentially nothing there. We have a futon there for lounging and feeding the babies (a regular glider would be too narrow to hold two babies at once, we think) and my old 4×4 Ikea Expedit shelf, which will be used for books, toys, etc. (Why did they change the name from Expedit?! I refuse to call it by the new name.) We still need cribs, dresser/changing table, lamp, and decor. All that will be figured out, ah, some time, I’m sure.


  1. Wow! You’ve done a great job. Your house looks great. Love all the natural light! Also, as far as cribs are concerned, I highly recommend the very affordable IKEA Sniglar. It’s simple and stylish and since it has no lacquer, you don’t have to worry if the kids eventually decide to chew on it. And with what you save on the cribs, you can get better mattresses, which matter more anyway…


    1. Thanks! It’s SO much lighter than our old rental. That’s one reason I love it so much.

      We were looking at the Ikea cribs– I think the Sniglair was one we were looking at, or a similar one in white. They’re so much more affordable than even Target cribs (the one I saw in our Target is $300 — what are hey thinking?). At any rate, a trip up there is definitely in our future.


    1. Doesn’t it? I think it was originally for an entertainment center, though — this is where the cable outlet is. Luckily, we don’t use cable so we didn’t need to put the TV in that spot 🙂


  2. Do you ever sit and work at the table in your kitchen? If so, I recommend sticking with a square (or rectangle) table. If you need to spread out (like…a stack of papers next to your laptop…) it’s so much easier to spread out than on a round table.

    But if not then…never mind. 🙂


  3. looks awesome! im looking to do that latitude gray in our new house. Can you confirm if the blue used on the wall by the bookcase in the tv room is the same blue jasmine used in the bedroom


    1. It is not the same Blue Jasmine! I feel it’s urgent to warn you 😂

      It’s been so long I don’t know the original color, but I can tell you it’s a Sherwin Williams HGTV color that we jokingly called “Dumbledore” and “Dingleberry” blue. More of a very dark teal.


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