Freshly Showered

This past weekend we had our baby shower. One thing I read early in my pregnancy that stuck with me was this warning: women who are pregnant with twins should try to have their baby showers by the end of the second trimester, in case they get put on restricted activity or bed rest later in the pregnancy. Well, we barely squeaked it in under the wire at 27 weeks 6 days and even now I was happy to be able to sit down for most of the time. So glad we didn’t wait any longer!
me & Becky
My friend B. was one of the co-hosts — that’s us above. She’s also expecting a baby and is about two weeks ahead of me, which means if we both make it all the way, her to 40 weeks and me to 38, our babies might be born around the same time!

The weekend was extra fun because my BFF C. came to town for the weekend. She and her family had just visited us over Labor Day but she made the 5-hour drive again a month later to be here for the baby shower, because she is awesome like that.

Claire Gets Froggy
In the photo above, she’s working on making a onesie. My friend E., one of the other co-hosts, had set up an amazing custom onesie station with help from her mom, who has a machine that cuts out iron-on transfers in any shape. They had put together tons of cute images and designs and had gathered a collection of onesies in a range of sizes for shower guests to decorate. You can see some of the finished products below:

Onesie Station

They came out SO WELL. Please allow me to humbly suggest this activity for any baby showers you might be planning — it’s fun and creative but doesn’t require any drawing skills, and people can come and make things if they feel like it, but it’s low pressure for those who don’t necessarily want to get involved in an activity. MUCH better than those measure-the-belly or poopy-chocolate-diaper games you always hear about at baby showers, I think we can all agree. Bonus, now Baby A and Baby B have some fun additions to their wardrobe in every size from newborn to 6-12 months!

The one thing I sort of dreaded about the baby shower was the public opening of gifts. As narcissistic as I may appear online, in person I am a serious introvert and hate being the center of attention. My friends know this about me, though, so we made it pretty low key and waited until a lot of folks had left and it was a smaller crew remaining before we started the gifts.

Look, it wasn’t even so bad:

Opening Gifts

People were so generous with us, I’m a bit overwhelmed and misty just thinking about it. Even our far-away friends and family have been keeping our mail carrier busy for the past week delivering all sorts of gifts. We have basically everything we will need or want to get started now, thanks to our loving family and friends.

Some people even thoughtfully included a few items just for us, for coping during the crazy newborn days — one couple gave us a basket full of teas and fancy chocolate, and another gave us a set of unbreakable stemless wine glasses. You KNOW that stuff is going to get used!

Our Awesome Hosts!
Here we are with our awesome hosts E, CW, Me, B, and CB (plus an adorable cameo by our friend K’s daughter, who jumped in at the last second and is honestly just the cutest).

Big thank you to everybody near and far who made it such a fun and special occasion!

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  1. Happy baby shower! Those onesies are super cute! I’ve only gone to a few showers (despite the fact that many of my friends and cousins have kids), and they all only have dumb games that I don’t want to play. The onesie idea is much better!


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