28 Weeks: Hello, Third Trimester!

Twenty-Eight big ones! All my sources agree this week: we are officially in the third trimester! Also, at this point, I have no more than ten weeks to go until these babies are born. It’s starting to feel like it’s soon — though I know that these weeks will feel like they’re going by incredibly slowly.

File Oct 07, 7 12 48 AM

I’m officially big enough that when random people see me they think I’m about to have a baby any minute now, but when people find out I’m having twins they say I don’t look “big enough” for twins. I suppose the average person on the street has a fairly narrow view of what a pregnant woman’s body should look like at any given time — and I highly suspect the mental point of reference is someone with the lanky body of a model who appears to have a small pumpkin under her shirt. No idea where people would get that idea.

The Babies are the Size of: Two coconuts. Okay, is it just me or does a coconut seem smaller to you than a butternut squash, which is what they were two weeks ago? My other app claims they’re two eggplants, or about 13-14 inches long and 1.5-2.5 pounds. So there you go.

How I’m Doing: The swelling has begun, y’all. My rings are officially tight. It’s very difficult to remove them, but at this point I still can. I’m wondering if I should stop wearing them soon, though, before they start to get so tight they’re painful and/or completely stuck? I don’t trust any chains I have for wearing them around my neck — necklaces seem so flimsy I’m afraid I’d lose them! What to do?

In other news, I am experiencing some real trouble reaching and/or seeing certain of my body parts at this point. Self pedicures are impossible as is any pruning of the downstairs shrubbery. Leg shaving still works, but it seems it may only be possible for a limited time yet. I’m okay with just letting my southern territories go to seed, though, really. I’d appreciate it if the weather would at least cooperate — If I’m going to grow out my leg hair, at least let me have consistent jeans/trousers weather, am I right?!

Braxton Hicks contractions are still a thorn in my side, though I haven’t had any more days as bad as last Monday. I’m thankful for that. Just keeping my activity level minimal and trying to stay cool and hydrated.

Eating: I might be overdoing it on sweets, y’all. I ate so many petits fours at the baby shower that Baby A and Baby B were on a sugar-crazed dance party for the entire afternoon. I’ve also done away with a huge bag of fun-sized Snickers in the last week (though I may have had some help at home with those). I am in a mild state of fear over how hard it’s going to be to get off the white horse come January. Phew.

In other food news, I made pulled pork BBQ in the crock pot at home and it was SO EASY and SO GOOD and SO WEIRD. Pork BBQ is one of the only meats I have consistently missed in my vegetarian years, and now that I am eating some meat to help me meet my protein goals for this twin pregnancy, I figured I should certainly have some. It’s just…me? cooking meat? in my home? Ack. This is one indulgence I truly look forward to giving up after the birth. It’s tasty, but meat-eating on the whole is not really for me.

Doctor’s Appointment: I had a quick check-up yesterday that consisted just of listening to the heartbeats (which I love to hear!) and doing all the weigh-in, blood-pressure, urine-screening stuff they do every time. Everything looks good! I’ve gained 45 pounds so far, which, is pretty good — enough, but not terribly too much. But now that I’m definitely starting to retain more water, I expect the final tally to be even higher than I would have originally predicted. I’d been thinking it would be close to 50-55 lbs, but I think it’ll be more like 60+. I’m trying to see it as a good thing.

Coming Up: We have a growth ultrasound next week! I am trying to guess how much the babies will (be estimated to) weigh by then. I think between 2.5-3 lbs is my official guess. We shall see!

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