E&L: One Month

Sweet E and L turned one month old yesterday, only a few days after what would have been their (40-week) due date. I can’t believe they’ve been here for over a month now! What in the world?! I suppose it will always feel that way, won’t it? Time rushing by so quickly while at the same time giving the impression that this is how things have always been: these babies have never not been here. 

At one month, E (right):

  • Is starting to focus on objects and faces with her eyes.
  • Has mellowed out considerably from her disposition when she was still in the hospital. It seems she is a much happier baby when she has access to food on a regular basis. Takes after me, obviously. 
  • Hates to be given a pacifier when what she really wants is food. 
  • Loves to nap on her dad’s chest.
  • Has a funny fringe of hair that sticks straight up from the very crown of her head, which I refer to as her duck feathers. 
  • Fully fits into her newborn-sized clothes.

At one month, L (left):

  • Has an incredibly strong grip.
  • Hates to have his diaper changed. 
  • Loves to have his dad blow raspberries on his neck. 
  • Is happiest of all when being held and cuddled and fussed over. 
  • Is developing some very nice cheeks and chins. 
  • Has finally outgrown his preemie-sized clothes and is fitting into the newborn size better and better every day. 

Having these little monkeys with us for the last month has been so wonderful — I can’t wait to see what they do next, while also wishing I could preserve this moment in amber forever. 

I’m sure no parent has ever felt this way before, so I’m glad I’ve taken the time to share this unique point of view with the Internet. And now it’s time for them to eat (again! already!) so I must away. 

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