Yesterday was my 6-week postpartum check-up at my OB and today was the babies’ one-month check-up at their pediatrician. (Due to the difficulties of scheduling appointments both of these happened at about five weeks out. Or doctors’ offices exist in some kind of time warp, which…yeah, that actually seems more likely.)

For some reason, having had both of these check-ups really gives me the feeling that things are moving into a new phase — a phase where I am recovered and the babies are settling into their lives on the outside and things are approaching some sort of New Normal. Is this it? Have we arrived?

File Jan 12, 12 50 01 PM

I seriously wish I had both babies in this photo, but I haven’t yet learned to tandem wear them. Maybe next time. In the meanwhile, please note the triumphant return of my wedding rings and my FitBit!

At the OB, I was weighed for the first time since my 36-week appointment at the beginning of December. Since then, I am down about 25 pounds, leaving me about 35 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I figure that 25 pounds accounts for two babies, two placentas, two full amniotic sacs, and a good amount of water weight and increased blood volume — the remaining 35 pounds is, I assume, the fat I put on all over my body. I bought a new pair of jeans the other day and learned that I am fully three sizes above my pre-pregnancy size, which seems to make sense with the 35 pounds (I tend to go up or down a pants size with every ~10 pounds of fat I gain or lose, in my experience). This is all good to know.

I’m not one to get terribly hung up on the number on the scale, but I will say I would like to return to my pre-pregnancy clothing size (I have a lot of great clothes I’d love to wear again!) and certainly to my pre-pregnancy level of fitness. So starting now, as I have been cleared to resume normal activity, I am going to try to institute some exercise. I have a barre3 subscription for the next twelve months and I’m also going to start walking and see how my body responds to that and then gradually add in some running. I assume I will have to put some time into rehabbing my abdominals, because they are weak as all hell right now, so I’ll need to be careful not to hurt my back or hips while my core is still so imbalanced.

File Jan 12, 12 50 40 PM

Look at those cheeks and chins!

At the pediatrician, the scale was moving in the other direction. L, who came home from the hospital at just 4lbs 11oz, had gained a full 3lbs and now weighs 7lbs 11oz. I am so happy to see that! It really shows in his delightful double chin. He’s still apparently in the first percentile (is that how you would say that?) for both weight and length, but we are happy with the gain and the doctor thinks he’s doing great. E, who weighed 5lbs 15oz when she came home from the hospital, now weighs 8lbs 6oz and feels like a tank (12th percentile). She is doing great as well! Clearly they are both still very small, but they are growing really nicely.

File Jan 12, 12 51 08 PM

Also they are super adorable. 

In other news, my husband is back at work full time this week, which will include some extra committee obligations and working dinners, so it’s really going to be a shock to the system not to have him around as much. (And I fully realize and appreciate how lucky we are to have had the last few weeks together at home!)  We team up on all the baby care, so doing it myself is noticeably much harder. I’ve had a few half days here and there when he went into the office and I flew solo at home, so I have had a little practice, but I know it’s not going to be easy to be home alone. Thank you in advance for putting up with the exhausted flailing that is sure to ensue.

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