E and L: Two Months

E and L, are two months old as of yesterday — and nine weeks as of today! My little Jellybean and Blueberry are growing so fast!

Version 2

We have gotten into something of a rhythm at home now that CW has been back at work for a few weeks, albeit a sort of halting and not altogether consistent rhythm.  They’re still eating every 2-3.5 hours during the day. I’d like that to be a bit more predictable, but it just isn’t, and that’s okay. When one baby is hungry, they both eat, and very often one will be hungry before I predict. I need to adjust my expectations about this, because I often find myself quite indignant when it’s only been 2 hours since they last ate and someone starts getting hangry already. Usually I’m in denial (“Surely they’re not hungry NOW?! Didn’t they JUST EAT?!”) and it takes me a little too long to accept the fact that they need to eat again. By that point, the screams are coming through in stereo and it’s a race to get them fed and satisfied.

At night, they’ll go a good stretch of 5 hours between feedings (usually 8pm-1am or so) and last night they even went 6 hours! After that 1am feeding, they’ll usually go another 4 hours. I’m sure I’m jinxing it by saying so, but it’s really quite manageable at the moment. (I know, it can all change at any time.)

Even though we keep them on the same feeding schedule, It’s funny how different they can be in other ways. They don’t always sleep at the same time, for example: very often one is awake during the day while the other naps. They both will take a pacifier, but one is much more obsessed with “the bink,” as we call it . One seems to need to be held and carried more. One will really get worked up when crying and be slow to soothe; one will just loudly squawk and then instantly quiet down when the appropriate need is met. I love that they’re each developing into their own person, and I get the distinct privilege of getting to know them and watching them grow.


E, aka Jellybean, now weighs 10lbs 2oz (18th percentile) and is 22.75″ long (60th percentile).

  • At two months she:
  • Wakes up smiling every day
  • Chatters and coos all the time
  • Only seems to cry if she is hungry or has lost her bink
  • Has dark, denim-blue eyes
  • Fits well into her 0-3 month clothing
  • Still has her duck feathers, and the rest of her hair is getting thicker
  • Is our beautiful, happy, silly girl


L, aka Blueberry, now weighs 9lbs 12oz (3rd percentile) and is 21.75″ long (5th percentile).

At two months, he:

  • Has a beautiful smile, but often looks more serious
  • Is just starting to experiment with his voice by cooing at us
  • Sometimes suddenly just cries and cries and can be difficult to soothe
  • Has bright, light blue eyes
  • Fits into most of his 0-3 month clothing
  • Lost (and is now just starting to re-grow) the hair on the front and top of his head
  • Is our gorgeous, intense, sweet boy

Both of them are completely delightful and have me asking myself every day how I got so lucky. Speaking of luck, they’re both napping right now, so I’d better go catch my breath.

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