E and L: Three Months

These babies are three months old! That means they’re no longer considered “newborns,” doesn’t it? I think I heard that somewhere, but I’m not in the mood to go investigate and see if it’s true. Let’s say it is. Let’s say they’re just babies now. My goodness.


It’s certainly more difficult to photograph them now, squirmy babies, than it was to photograph them as sleepy newborns. Look how little they were!


Why yes, that WAS just an excuse to throw in a newborn photo I hadn’t shared yet. I hope you don’t mind! That’s E on the left and L on the right.

These days they’re much more active and engaged. They really look at things, including at each other and at us. They smile and chat all the time (unless they’re screaming for some reason, of course) and they’re totally charming.

We survived our first weekend with me as the solo parent when my husband had to go out of town for a family funeral. Four days and three nights of tending to them myself was both exhausting and empowering. It wasn’t easy, but I realized I am fully capable of handling it. Everything got done and we all survived. I may have eaten delivery pizza and brownies for three out of four dinners, but that isn’t necessarily a complaint.

Of course, it was a huge relief to have my husband and teammate back — we have developed a fairly good routine and it feels like we’ve found a nice rhythm as a family. All of it is of course subject to change as the babies grow and their needs change, but over all it feels good. Go, Team!

We have spring break coming up, so since CW will be home all week, we are thinking of using that time to try to transition E and L to their cribs in the nursery instead of the bassinets in our room. They sleep most of the night in the bassinets, with only one wake-up for feeding, but we do sometimes let them into our bed if they wake up fussy but not hungry. That part may be complicated when it comes to moving them out of our room. I would LOVE for this move to happen, though, as it would mean reclaiming our bedroom from not only the babies and their bassinets, but also the changing table, diaper pail, and all the piles of clothes. And getting their tub out of our bathroom and into theirs. The clutter in our room is driving me nuts.

We need to decide once and for all on an audio-video or audio-only monitor. Their room is as far away from ours as you can get in our one-story house, and I’ve already discovered at nap time that you cannot hear them fussing from our room if they are in their cribs. And then we need to just do it. Do y’all have any advice about monitors or about transitioning to cribs?


At three months, this little Jellybean:

  • Is getting super talkative and likes to practice all her sounds
  • Is growing longer hair all over her head, including her duck feathers (though over all still doesn’t have much total)
  • Is a pretty good night time sleeper
  • Loves to look at and watch us and is starting to engage more with her brother
  • Is getting stronger and stronger with head control, but is not quite ready to sit unattended in the Bumbo seat yet.


At three months, this little Blueberry:

  • Smiles more and more, especially after he has a fresh diaper on (but never for the big black camera in front of mom’s face!)
  • Is still mostly bald, but pretty cute nonetheless, IMHO
  • Still sometimes cries inconsolably for no obvious reason or wakes up screaming, but those episodes are getting fewer (except for yesterday, oof)
  • Loves to laugh when we tickle his armpits or wiggle his legs around
  • Loves to sit up with our help, but, like his sister, isn’t quite ready to sit in the Bumbo by himself yet.

All in all, they’re the two cutest and sweetest babies I’ve ever met and I just adore them.


  1. They are beyond precious. I can’t wait to see them again! Re: monitors: we did the video waaaay back when it was pretty new (remember the console thing that just sat in the living room? Or that we pulled out to the deck if we were sitting outside?), but now since you can have it streamed to an app, it seems pretty fancy and efficient. I vote for video/audio for one main reason: when you do hear something, you can look & see if it’s worthy of going in and handling it. Because they will make noise but not need handling…which you just have to wait with your ear next to the monitor or door to figure out. Heh. Anyhow. That’s my 2 cents. I appreciated being able to see if I needed to go in there or not.


  2. Oh, and I have no advice about transitioning except just doing it and seeing what happens. Liam was such a champion sleeper, we never had to figure out any strategies for stuff like that when he was wee. (Now, come back to me when they’re toddlers & getting out of their “big” beds, & we’ll talk, because then I did everything short of tying him to the damn thing. Ha!)
    My guess, honestly, is that if they’re sleeping well in their bassinets, they should do okay in their cribs, and having proximity to each other might ease any kind of separation anxiety from y’all they might experience? Good luck!


  3. Definitely video! It is so helpful. I cannot count the ways. For the transition, you’re probably fine to do it now, because at three months they’re only just starting to be stimulated by the things around them. Maybe better to get them into cribs now so they can get used to the new stuff to look at in their own room. I usually start with naps because they’re already used to me not being there during those. Then after a couple days of napping in the crib they’re ready to do nights.


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