Baby Gear for Twins: Essentials for the First Three Months

When I was pregnant, especially knowing we were expecting twins, I scoured the internets looking for advice about what to buy or list on my registry. Because so many things were out of our control, I think that the promise of having all the right stuff helped me cope with some of the nervous anticipation of pregnancy.

There were a few things we bought that didn’t turn out to be necessary, but all the things I’m listing here have been so, so helpful. I’m not including car seats, diapers, a breast pump, or formula in this list because, while those have been essential for us, I don’t have an opinion on what particular kind is best. (Though we are now mostly cloth diapering — more on that here.)

This post is not sponsored in any way and none of the links here are affiliate links — this is just me, sharing my favorite baby gear in the hopes of helping out other expectant twin moms out there. If you’ve found your way here by asking Google what on earth you need to buy for your twins, I hope this list is useful to you!

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Boppy Pillows. I recommend having two of these! I use these every day, especially when I am home alone with the babies. If I need to bottle feed both of them simultaneously, for example, I can prop them up in their Boppies next to me and easily reach both babies. I can also prop them in their Boppies in our bed to keep them within easy reach when I am sitting there pumping, which happens about eleventy-nine times per day. I also reach for one of these for nursing sometimes, if I’m only nursing one baby at a time and I’m in a hurry. During their early days, both twins fit into one Boppy together for lounging/propping, but now that they’ve grown, I’m definitely glad we have two of these.

My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow. Let’s agree this is a really terrible product name, but I love this thing. This pillow might seem huge and ridiculous at first, but it is amazing in practice. It helps me hold both babies in position for tandem nursing, and once I get them latched on and going, I can be hands-free. The pillow stays in place around my waist, helping keep everybody in the right position. The back support is really comfortable, too.

Munchkin Pacifier Clips. These were a shower gift and I didn’t immediately think they seemed all that useful — but after the 900th time I was feeling around in the bed or couch cushions looking for a dropped binky, I started to see the value. We don’t let the babies sleep with these clipped on, but during the day they always have them. No more binkies lost in the furniture or dropped and bouncing into dusty corners of the floor.

Aden + Anias Swaddle Blankets. Every. Single. Night. Our nurses showed us how to swaddle in the hospital and we’ve done it consistently ever since. I feel sure it helps the babies sleep well at night. (Frankly, I’m dreading the day we’ll have to stop swaddling at night when they are able to roll over!)

Skip Hop Duo Double Diaper Bag. This is designed to attach to the handlebar of a double-wide stroller, but it also fits perfectly on ours, which is a tandem (not side-by-side) design. Big enough for alllll the items you’ll need to pack for twins. Lots of pockets to keep you organized. We love it.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat. We love this. It’s smooth, easy to steer, and feels rugged and sturdy. It’s easy to fold and unfold for putting it in the back of the car. It’s also very customizable. We got the attachment pieces that allow us to clip our car seats in, for example, so right now we just pop the babies’ bucket seats into the stroller and go. Once they’re bigger, we’ll have them ride in the stroller’s regular chairs, which can be faced forward, toward the parent, or toward each other.

Fisher Price Swing. Sometimes this is the only thing that helps soothe our more cry-prone baby when he gets restless and/or won’t nap. We are borrowing our swing from a friend, and I’m so thankful to have it! We have a few other similar items (bouncy seats, a rock ‘n’ play, etc.), but this one seems to be our babies’ favorite. I almost wish we had two of these.

Boon Lawn Drying Rack. Simple, useful, and a cute, clean design. Other than my breast pump, this might be the single most-used item in our house. Get the large one, trust me.

Graco Pack ‘n’ Play with Twin Bassinets. We have this in our bedroom currently, and the babies have been sleeping in it since we came home from the hospital. For the first two months, they slept together in one of the bassinets, but once they started to get crowded in there, we separated them. They each have plenty of room now, but still have their buddy close by (in the morning, we’ll often find them head-to-head next to the mesh divider between the two bassinets). Soon, we’ll be transitioning them to their cribs in the nursery, so this will take on a new life as a pack ‘n’ play instead of as bassinets.


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  1. Pro tip! After the babies have grown up that grass drying mat is still helpful! For things like medicine cups! I doubt we’ll ever get rid of ours, and my youngest is 6.
    It’s just so dang stylish yet handy.


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