E and L: Four Months

Four months old! They’re four months old! It really feels like the newborn stage is well past us. In the beginning, it seemed like so long before they’d be big enough to wear their cloth diapers, or to sleep in their cribs, or roll over. But now those things are happening! In the past month, we’ve moved E&L out of our bedroom and into their own. They sleep* in their cribs now and everything. It feels like a huge change, not having them in the bedroom with us every night; watching them on the baby monitor instead of being right there; having to get up and walk to the other end of the house to feed them or soothe them back to sleep. It feels like they’re growing up, or something.


We’ve been working on a nap routine, which involves putting them down for naps in their cribs a few times a day. Sometimes this actually works, and when it does it is amazing. Thanks to nap time and the magical baby monitor, I sometimes have time to do things around the house, or work out, or shower, or eat, or write a blog post! Usually just one or two of those things, but that’s better than nothing, right?

The babies have gotten much better at breastfeeding, through no effort of my own. I think just their getting bigger has helped. This has led to me nursing more than pumping (whereas I used to pump more than nurse) and everyone is much happier with the change. Maybe I’ll do a post about feeding twins some time? At any rate, it’s going well and between nursing and formula they’re growing so! big! We have a four-month checkup at the pediatrician tomorrow, so I’ll add their up-t0-date weights and sizes afterward.



At four months, Jellybean weighs 14lbs 2oz (47th percentile) and is 25.5″ long (88th percentile). She:

  • Can roll over in both directions, but sometimes seems to get stuck on her tummy. She uses the crib bars to leverage herself around and often gets stuck with both legs sticking out — even in spite of her sleep sack!
  • Loves to talk, coo, yell, and screech. If she’s happy, she’s talking about it! She vocalizes all the time and I predict she’ll be quite chatty whenever the time comes to learn to speak.
  • Has gotten much stronger at nursing, but still sometimes doesn’t have the patience to get started if she’s feeling hangry. “I’M TOO HANGRY TO EAT, MOM!”
  • Got her first parent-inflicted injury earlier today when I nicked her finger with the nail clippers. Much blood, many tears — the latter on both our parts.


At four months, Blueberry weighs 13lbs 9oz (12th percentile) and is 25.25″ long (52nd percentile). He:

  • Can roll over in both directions but doesn’t seem to want to spend all night practicing, unlike his sister.
  • Loves to grab things and explore the world with his hands. He can often be found lovingly stroking/patting the ears and legs of his giraffe Wubbanub or snuggling his cow lovey, or both. (No, we don’t let him have the lovey/blankie to sleep with at night.)
  • Wakes up happy every morning with the sweetest smile.

*I’m sure I don’t need to explain this asterisk, do I?

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