E&L: Six Months

These babies are six months old. Half a year. I can hardly believe it! The early weeks and months when the babies shared a bassinet in our bedroom are now so blurry. Good think I have approximately eleven billion photos on my phone to remind me.


Six months is a really wonderful age so far, if you ask me. They’re active and happy and fun to be around.

In the past week or so, we’ve been sleep training them with the Ferber method (perhaps worth its own post), which has been so, so helpful for the whole family. They now sleep through the night without our having to go in to them. When they wake up, they might fuss for a couple of minutes, but then they just…go back to sleep. It’s amazing.

Now that they’re sleeping better, the babies are generally a delight. Nap time is still difficult on occasion, but they’re usually well rested and happy. They’re active and playful and starting to be more and more mobile. This morning, L scooted himself backwards under the couch in their room and then got stuck, which was fairly amusing for me, if not for him.

I’ve also officially weaned them, so they’re now on a 100% formula diet — at least until we start solid foods some time soon! their high chairs are ready and waiting. We’re seeing the pediatrician next week and we’ll probably wait on the solid foods until they can sit up unassisted, unless she tells us otherwise.

They’ve had their first overnight trip — we spent the weekend in Atlanta for a conference where my husband was presenting — and we all survived the car trip and the hotel sleep, if only barely.


At 6 months, this little Jellybean:

  • rolls over in both directions, props herself up on her forearms, sleeps on her tummy, and can sit up for a few seconds if her hands are on the floor in front of her
  • has big emotions and gets so, so mad at whichever parent has spent the day at work, but over all has the sunniest disposition and is always ready with a smile
  • has more and more hair every day, growing in its own funny, erratic, duck-feather patterns


At 6 months, this little Blueberry:

  • rolls over in both directions and travels all around the room by doing so, loves to practice standing more than sitting, and has just recently decided he likes sleeping on his tummy, too
  • loves to smile and laugh (but still not for the camera), especially when I talk to him in my funny voices or blow raspberries on his belly
  • loves to grab his own feet and remove his socks, especially the sock on his right foot (which he’s usually wearing in an effort to keep him from scratching his left leg with what I like to call his Razor Toe)

It’s crazy to think that at this point, they’re closer to being a year old than they are to being newborns. And yet, they still seem so completely brand new to me every day.

One Comment

  1. Each month I think their little faces just can’t get any sweeter, but then another month goes by and it’s like — OH WAIT, LOOK NOW! Just so, so adorable, and really — congrats to you, for getting through an intense 6 months. You seem to be doing such an awesome job, and I know it hasn’t just magically happened, but been the product of such day in and day out efforts. It’s been inspiring to watch you do it all.


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