E&L: Seven Months

The twins turned seven months old on the Fourth of July! We spent the day driving toward home at the end of our two-week summer road trip, and spent the night in a random hotel room in Tennessee. E&L were so, so great on this trip. I had been dreading it (crying in the car, disrupted schedules, no naps, and bad hotel sleep!), but the babies proved to be very adaptable. Sure, there were some car-seat meltdowns, but over all things were absolutely fine. Phew! So 6.5-7 months seems like a good time to road trip with your baby/-ies, judging by my very small sample size.

Eleanor & Linus

These two are growing so fast, it’s crazy! They started eating some solid foods in the last month and they seem to really enjoy it. We do some spoon-feeding and we also let them feed themselves somewhat. They love bananas and watermelon the most, and will also eat tons of different vegetable purées. They’re so mobile and so interactive and they just have such big personalities. They’re really a lot of fun right now and I’m trying to soak it up during these last few weeks of maternity leave. (I’m teaching one online class right now, so I’m technically working, but mostly still at home. I go back full time in August.)

Ella Gray

This photo is my little Jellybean to a T. Smiling, laughing, scrunching her nose, and just generally being a delight.

At seven months, she:

  • Has one new tooth on her bottom right-center. She barely made a fuss at all when teething, so I was shocked when I felt it in her mouth!
  • Can sit unassisted for longer and longer periods of time, especially if she can reach a few toys to play with.
  • Is a champion sleeper and napper — even while traveling, in the car, in the hotel, or in friends’/families’ houses. We are so grateful for this!


And my little Blueberry. Such a sweet, happy guy — unless you take the spoon out of his mouth before he wants you to, then you’d better watch out. Heh.

At seven months, he:

  • Has started army crawling. I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it, but there he went, dragging himself along the floor for the toy he wanted. It’s awesome.
  • Has no interest in sitting and would rather stand. If I try to sit him down, he just straightens his hips and pushes with his feet until he is standing up. Then he happily bounces up and down and waves his arms, grinning.
  • Has improved so, so much with sleeping. He sleeps through the night with basically zero fussing at bedtime and falls asleep well at nap time. He still tries to take 30 minute naps on the regular, but we’re working on that.

Basically, these are the two best babies ever. Try to refute it; you cannot.

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