Friday Night’s Alright for Posting

It’s Friday evening and work was too busy today for me to dash off a post. Now that I’m home and fed and the kids are in bed, I’m hanging out with my husband watching TV, which is also less than ideal for blogging. But that’s what we rugged NaBloPoMo people do, you see: we blog every day in November no matter what! Hashtag brave. Hashtag blog warrior.

Here’s something: on weekends, we like to try to get out of the house with the kids at least once if not twice (before and after nap) per day. We do a lot of parks/playgrounds and the library as well as taking them out on whatever errands or shopping we might have. This is all fine. But every weekend, we’re like, “What are we doing? Where should we go?” and all of our options feel a bit boring. But staying home gets boring and restless and frustrating, so we try to minimize that.

Here’s where I’d maybe like some suggestions: what are some toddler-friendly activities we might not be thinking of? Think simple, small-town, and preferably free. For example, we don’t have any museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. What basic stuff am I not thinking of? I’m sure there’s something.

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