I got carried away tidying and doing random neglected chores this morning. Do you ever do that? I tend to start by just doing one discrete task and then spiral out from there. Today, it was the kids’ humidifier that got me. I was cleaning it out, which I’d meant to do for ages (how do those things get so gross?!) and when I went in their room to get it I noticed a bunch of things that needed to be put away in other places. Once that starts — taking things from one room to another — I’m done for. You won’t see me again for hours.

I take one thing into another room and while I’m in the second room I see something else that needs to be put away in a third location so I go there and find a small chore that needs to be done, which leads to yet another location with more shit to do. This is how I managed to do like four dozen little stupid things today that aren’t even worth listing out but took me half the day and now I’m exhausted.

You know what made it so easy for me to keep on keeping on with all that domestic nonsense? The fact that I have 25 essays and 8 group projects awaiting my attention and feedback. Well, that and Gilmore Guys/Bunhead Bros. Procrastination + enjoyable 3-hour podcasts = a very neat house.

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