I am feeling very acquisitive and greedy and covetous lately, but am trying not to spend all my moneys, especially with the holidays coming up. So I basically keep window shopping on the internet and then closing the tabs. Here’s a list of what I’m unreasonably obsessing about right now. How about you?

  • Another dog. I just feel like it’s time to bring another pet into our household and a dog is the right fit and there are always so many available for adoption. We’d want to adopt a younger adult dog who gets along well with kids and with other dogs and who, ideally is already good with crate and house training. And I frequently see dogs fitting that description on the local humane society and rescue websites. But now is not the right time. Maybe this will be revisited after the new year?
  • A Garmin Fenix 6 running watch. Maybe it was Janae’s glowing review or maybe it’s just the fact that my Apple watch, now 3+ years old, is starting to get less reliable. (It randomly crashes and restarts during the day, which is Not Great, Bob.) But really, I’m finding now that when I want to do specific workouts, the metrics it’s able to display don’t necessarily give me the information I need. Case in point: Tuesday’s track workout gone wrong. I used to use Garmins before the days of the Apple watch, and I think I’m about ready to go back. It’s just very likely I’ll choose an older/cheaper model.
  • A pair of marigold point Rothy’s. I just bought a pair of maritime navy points and it was a tough decision, y’all. I really wanted the navy and the marigold but I eventually decided the navy would be more versatile. But my heart still yearns.
  • New jeans. I can convince myself I need new jeans roughly once every three weeks. I have far too many jeans. The linked ones aren’t even available in my size. WHY AM I EVEN LOOKING AT THEM. I love jeans.


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