Hi, I’m up late (“late”) making pie again. Tonight I’m doing a pear, red wine, and rosemary pie from Bon Appetit. Somehow it is after 10:00 pm and this pie is still not done.

Can we talk about recipes and their alleged prep times? Reducing 12oz of red wine to 6-8oz? Well, let’s say it takes a little bit longer than five minutes. Twenty-five minutes would be a safer estimate. Between this and the fact that I basically used up all of my Big Crust Energy on the apple pie from last week, I decided to do a simple crust for this one.

Before I got it in to bake, though, my nose alerted me to an errant piece of broccoli that had fallen to the bottom of the oven. Honestly, if my nose notices something? It’s not good. I’m generally hard of smelling.

ANYWAY. I hope it tastes more like pears than burnt broccoli after all this — sorry, friends and family.

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