Baking & Books

It’s nap time right now and while I usually follow the popular advice of “sleep when the preschoolers sleep,” I am awake right now tending to the loaf of sourdough that is currently in my oven. It smells amazing but is going to bake up too flat because I think I overproofed it. Next time I will try something with a refrigerator rise. It’s fine. I will keep trying and keep learning. Until I run out of unbleached flour and can’t get any more, I suppose.


Looks beautiful from the top but I assure you it is the shape of a frisbee.

Earlier in the week, we finished our family read of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which was really fun. The kids are not quite 4.5 years old, so they are probably a little too young for the series, but I had bought the (beautiful) illustrated version when All This began, and they were curious about it, so we gave it a shot.

At first, they were mostly intrigued by the images but had a tough time staying focused for the length of an entire chapter, but as we went along, they got better and better at sitting and listening and asking questions at appropriate breaks in the narrative. They have a lot of questions, it seems, but really they just want to talk about it and they get so excited. They erupted into cheers after we read the chapter where Harry helps Gryffindor win the first quidditch match. They want to know why Professor Snape does not like Harry. What does it mean to get “expelled”? What does wingardium leviosa mean again, anyway? How does Prof. Dumbledore already know that the cat is really Prof. McGonagall?

We also put on the audiobook sometimes while they are playing or coloring, so they get a low-key review of what we’ve read recently.  The morning after we’d read the last chapter, they came into our bedroom first thing asking if we could read Harry Potter again, starting back at Chapter One.

We’ve talked about the book so much that it shouldn’t surprise me that when we finally started watching the movie they remembered so much detail. At various points, L yelled out, “This is Chapter Two, The Vanishing Glass!” and “That is Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys!” His favorite part of the book, by the way? Was the illustration where we finally got to see Voldemort’s eye peeking out from Prof. Quirrell’s turban. He’s really hoping that in the movie we will get to see Voldemort’s “WHOLE BODY.” Kids, man. (We saw the first half of the movie last night and will finish tonight — they don’t necessarily do well with watching 2.5-hour movies in one sitting at this point.)

It has been such a delight to share a book I love with them, I tell you what.  I have no plans to get the next novel for them any time soon — I’d rather move through the books slowly so they have time to grow up a little between the earlier stories and the scarier later ones — but I do hope they keep up their enthusiasm for the series and it becomes something we can enjoy together going forward. Please please please!


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