I’m Kate W. Welcome to my blog.

I used to write here a lot, about pretty much anything going on in my life (work, food, romance, running, my dog, books and TV, general complaints), but since my twins were born in December 2015, the quantity and quality of posting has taken a steep decline. I’m still trying to show up, though.

I spent most of my 20s in graduate school in Eugene, Oregon, which I miss dearly, though the sharp pangs happen less frequently these days. I currently live in the Deep South, where I have been teaching college English for the past dozen or so years. I share a house with my sweet wheelchair dachshund (Egon), and my brilliant and charming husband (CW), and our adorable and intense and charming boy/girl twins, (L and E). Oh, and in March 2020, we adopted a rescue puppy, Harriet.

I’m a runner (and occasional triathlete), yogi, mostly-vegetarian, and an amateur photographer. Some of that appears here. I’m also sure to be excited to talk with you about what you’re cooking, what you’re training for, or what inspires you creatively. Hit me up.

The title of this blog is a reference to a line from William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying — a line that inspired many things in my life.  Some of them, like blogs, are ephemeral, others permanent.

My favorite things include: coffee, postmodern fiction, baking bread, detective stories, drizzly rain, French fries, rocky coastlines, winter, the soft ears and sad eyes of a hound dog, the Oxford comma, going to bed early to read, and getting up early to run before the world wakes up.


email: ravelingout at gmail dot com

instagram: @ravelingout (personal) and @kwickfit (fitness)

twitter: @ravelingout